Charlie Redding, Author of The Dream Retirement, Teaches “Late” Retirement Savings

Published on February 29, 2016

Charlie Redding, the author of The Dream Retirement: How To Secure Your Money and Retire Happy, introduces new techniques to help those who have not been saving for retirement to quickly amass enough funds to retire safely.

The Dream Retirement is not only a guide to financial strategies, however. It is also an inspirational guide for turning life into a “fantastic, fruitful and fulfilling existence,” according to the author. The book focuses on how to make the most money quickly without taking unnecessary risks so that future retirees can easily manage time, relationships and money in order to enjoy their “golden years.”

According to Gerry Robert Best Selling Author of The Millionaire Mindset, “There are several publications out there that tackle just one or two elements of retirement, but many only scratch the surface. The Dream Retirement is very different; it reveals all the secrets to a happy, healthy and prosperous later life, all in a concise, enjoyable book you’ll want to recommend to your friends.”

The book has been hailed as a way to take an all-around look at retirement from every important angle. Most importantly, The Dream Retirement can be used by anyone at any age to begin or optimize retirement savings. Recent studies have shown that few adults have saved adequately for retirement, so it is very important for those who do not have enough set aside to use the right techniques to quickly increase their savings and plan for the rest of their lives. With help from The Dream Retirement, anyone can make retirement savings simple and effective.

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About Charlie Redding: Charlie Redding is a financial and retirement planning specialist who is the author of The Dream Retirement. Redding has focused his work on helping those who are planning for retirement to take a holistic approach to this important task and analyze their own retirement savings to ensure they have enough to live comfortably.

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