Cherie Morris Achieves Best-Selling Author Status with Putting Kids First in Divorce

Published on March 4, 2016

Cherie Morris, divorce coach, attorney, certified yoga teacher, and author. tops multiple best-seller lists with her contribution to the new book — Putting Kids First in Divorce: How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships & Protect Your Children During & After Divorce. The book includes conversations with inspiring high-integrity divorce professionals with the collective mission of putting the needs of children first via collaborative and mediated divorce strategies.

Putting Kids First in Divorce ranked as a best-seller in 6 Amazon categories on the first day of its release. It ranked No. 1 in the ‘divorce and separation’ category.

Putting Kids First in Divorce takes a compassionate look at putting children first during a divorce, as well as sharing the benefits of pursuing a collaborative or mediated divorce. In her chapter, “Guilt-Free Parenting in Divorce”, Morris provides divorce strategies for managing anxiety and overwhelm, aligning values and goals with our behavior, and finding the right support professionals.

Cherie Morris and her business partner, Vicki Vollweiler dedicate themselves to supporting parents in separation and divorce. As a child of divorce, Cherie’s parents mostly understood how to get it right for her. But as a divorced mother of four children, Cherie experienced a gap between her upbringing and her experience as a divorced mom herself. She believes education on guilt-free co-parenting helps parents overcome chaos and overwhelm in separation and divorce, and best serve their children. Cherie states, “It’s not the mistakes we make with our children that determine how they remember us, but how we repair those mistakes that make a difference in their well-being.”

Morris passionately advocates for collaboration and mediation in divorce so that parents can reduce conflict between them to serve the children well. Cherie’s mission —Dear Divorce Coach— aligns with the mission of Putting Kids First in Divorce. According to Cherie, “I am thrilled and honored to be a part of a project that puts kids first and gives parents the skills to participate in guilt-free parenting during separation or divorce.  My training as a coach was inspired by my own divorce experience. My skills as a lawyer, writer and yoga teacher inform and strengthen my resolve to serve parents and children in divorce.”

Morris, and her partner, Vicki Vollweiler are available for speaking engagements and individual and group coaching on the topic of all aspects of divorce. For more information about Cherie Morris, visit Dear Divorce Coach.

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