Chet Bruce San Diego Publisher of the Professional Journal Announces the Roll Out of the “21st Century Job Crusher” Program

Published on June 30, 2016

The “21st Century Job Crusher” is a program that demonstrates to prospective employers the expert capabilities of a job applicant which removes the applicant from the “Me Too” crowd. Upper level managers and mid-level executives present a different picture in order to be chosen.

Chet Bruce, San Diego publisher of the Professional Journal describes the 21st Century Job Crusher as “The way a prospective employee can stand out from the hundreds of resumes an employer receives every day.”

Upper-level managers and mid-level executives are faced with a soul-crushing competition when looking for new employment. The company an applicant wants to interview has hundreds of resumes from people just as qualified as they are.

Chet told us “They are in exactly the same position as a realtor, chiropractor, attorney or insurance broker. In a city like San Diego, there are thousands of each one of them, all equally qualified, saying choose me, choose me”.

All but about 1% of them are marketing services exactly the same way as all of the rest.

The vast majority of today’s unemployed or underemployed manager or executive are making the same mistake. Sending out resumes that say “me too.”

The 21st Century Job Crusher Program is designed in such a way as to get the applicant noticed and to remove him from the “me too” crowd. The program targets the preconceived notions that all people hold, many times without even realizing that they have them.

Chet said, “One such preconceived notion persists that if you tell me how great you are I will not take it at face value but if a friend tells me you are great I will certainly accept it as fact.”

Most employers, today, use two sources on the Internet to vet a prospective employee, LinkedIn for one and performing a Google search for the applicants Name and city as the other.

If a Google search is performed for a name and city the results will probably be the individuals LinkedIn profile listed and little if anything else. Unfortunately, on LinkedIn, a prospective employer will usually see nothing more than is on a person’s resume and public records.

“Employers are looking,” said Chet “for what other people are saying about you. On the internet, most people take reviews with a grain of salt because they know the reviews can be false. It is the same for recommendations made by others. That employer is very receptive to a recommendation when it comes from an impartial, authority figure, however.”

The “21st Century Job Crusher” program is designed to give the employer exactly what they are looking for.

The program consists of 4 parts;
1. Preparation. Taking the steps necessary to make public information match what the employer is looking for.
2. Prospecting. Laser targeting the company chosen for contact.
3. Being Seen. Following the programs plan and get the right information in front of the right person
4. Negotiating.

There are many benefits to this program. But just two impacts you directly. First, your abilities and talent are never a question in the employer’s mind and, second, the employer approaches you with a doubt in his mind that he can afford you but he desperately wants you.

Company Name: The Professional Journal
Contact Person: Chet Bruce
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Country: USA