The Chalk Collective to Publish First Book Geared Towards Changing the Direction of Women’s Lives

Published on July 1, 2016

Six successful women joined forces and formed The Chalk Collective, a group whose purpose is to reach women seeking advice on changing their lives. The Chalk Collective is publishing now their best advice in a book titled, “The Chalk Collective: Drawing the Life You Deserve.”

A group of six professional women have joined forces to help other women who want to change courses and make directional shifts in their lives.  The group is called, The Chalk Collective, and they came together last winter with the mission to inspire women to be their best selves, and sharing their individual stories of struggle, renewal and success. Now, The Chalk Collective is ready to publish its first book, aptly named: The Chalk Collective: Drawing the Life You Deserve, which will be available on July 6, 2016.

The book is a collection of personal narratives, each told by a Chalk Collective member, followed by a series of questions and answers. Founding Collective member and noted brand strategist, Tashion Macon, says of the project, “allowing women to write and rewrite their stories is essential to being able to identify their strengths and change the direction of their lives.” 

The other storytellers include former tech professional turned mommy whisperer, Sarah Gibbons; popular author, motivational speaker and psychotherapist, Cris Linnares; human resources expert Audia Wells; oncological pharmaceutical executive Janeen Braham; and Internet entrepreneur Trisha Bothum. Collectively, these women have significant stories to share and combined their unique understandings to help women. They all have experienced what it’s like to lose one’s way, face setbacks and hit restart.  They made a decision to take control, reshape and rewrite their stories. The Chalk Collective Drawing the Life You Deserve is the product of those efforts.

The Chalk Collective: Drawing the Life You Deserve is for any woman who wants a change. The book is described by its contributors as a toolkit and a guidepost to reconstructing what was broken. The contributors simply share how they changed through personal narratives documenting the traits that are female centric. Each Collective member was interviewed by media specialist, Lisa Williams of the Augmented Publishing Group.  The book was edited by noted journalist and writer, Rhoda McKinney-Jones, who helped each woman shape their story to provide the most insightful and impactful narrative. The book will be available to the public on July 6, 2016.

ABOUT THE CHALK COLLECTIVE: The goal of The Chalk Collective is to bring women together and elevate them to positions of power and influence. Chalk members focus on preparing women for their roles in a changing world.

Company Name: The Chalk Collective
Contact Person: Rhoda McKinney-Jones
Phone: (323) 902-6808
Country: USA