Child Care Business Success Movement Founder, Julie Bartkus, Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on August 4, 2014

Child Care Business Specialist, Julie Bartkus, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio sharing strategies to help both struggling and successful child care businesses grow and meet the needs of parents, their children and the community.

Julie Bartkus, a child care business specialist and consultant, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, where she shared strategies to help reinvigorate child care businesses who may be struggling or who need different growth strategies.

Child care business owners have a passion for taking care of children and helping parents who need to work. Over time, that passion may dim as the realities of running a business and having employees take over. This type of situation is where Julie Bartkus shines.

The child care industry is critical to the health of the economy, enabling working parents to work with peace of mind as their children are taken care of. The tough decision as to which center to select is often determined by the positive atmosphere parents feel and by the genuine enthusiasm a center’s staff exhibits, rather than the pricing of one center versus another.

This is a very important industry which shows no signs of declining and which cannot be outsourced, as more and more parents have to leave home and join the workforce. In a bad economy, a center owner might be thinking they should reduce their prices to compete in the marketplace. Bartkus encourages them to provide more value to the parents, instead of reducing their prices. She is instrumental in helping the center owners determine ways they can provide that increase in value.

Bartkus shared, “I’ll never forget an interview I had with one of my clients. He was saying, ‘Oh, you know, when the economy got bad, what we did is we kept our price the same, which wasn’t the lowest, wasn’t the highest. But we added more services. We gave more value.’ And people just started seeing the value that this place was giving. And it really made them stand out as the child care program of choice.”

She believes a key component of the success of a child care center is how the business owner inspires others (including parents and staff) to be a part of the vision that she has for her child care program. Getting “buy in” on your vision is essential to generating the kind of enthusiasm that will create raving fans for the lifetime of your business.   Knowing your vision and how to communicate it is one of the first steps.She also believes that you have to let people see and feel how you’re different.

Bartkus has recently taken her program to another level, establishing the Child Care Business Success Movement, a program where business owners can collaborate with and support each other, brainstorming solutions to problems or creating new ideas which they share with each other, resulting in more profitable and more successful programs, as well as happier parents and children.

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