Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fast Lane Show Surges To The Top 5 on ITunes

Published on August 4, 2014

Internet Millionaire Ryan Daniel Moran moved into the top 5 of the ITunes store Marketing and Management category with his popular “Freedom Fast Lane” show.

Moran’s podcast broke past shows that generally command a stronghold in the Business category, including “Ted Talks” and “The Suze Orman Show”.

The popularity of the most recent episode, “12 Months To $1 Million” drove the show’s downloads up 300% for the week, pushing Freedom Fast Lane into the top podcasts in Management & Marketing on iTunes.

Explaining why his show is gaining listeners at such a dramatic rate, Moran says, “I think that people are realizing that the 9-to-5 is a dinosaur, and they realize that our lives have to be custom designed now. What I attempt to do on the podcast is to give people a roadmap for living an extraordinary life. That means deciding the type of life that you want, cutting out what’s holding you back, expanding your income to support your lifestyle, investing for long term cash flow and growth, and giving back out of your abundance.”

It’s not just the entrepreneur nation discovering and benefiting from Moran’s show. The Freedom Fast Lane podcast is quickly becoming a favorite of some very successful and seasoned business owners as well.  Popular Internet Marketer Kim Roach recently described Moran in the iTunes comments as “one of the smartest business owners you will ever meet.” Roach went on to declare, “Each episode is packed with knowledge bombs. Top mentors. Applicable strategies. And zero fluff.”

Besides sharing his own strategies for empowering others to escape the rate race and enjoy financial freedom, it’s not uncommon for Moran to invite thought leaders such as John Assaraf, Jesse Elder or Travis Sago to drop by the show to unfold a wide variety of topics, including investing, health and fitness that helps listeners design a life of purpose and fulfillment by working less and achieving more.

Listeners can tune in to “Freedom Fast Lane” on the show’s official website, http://FreedomFastLane.com or subscribe to the podcast on ITunes at http://FreedomFastLane.com/itunes

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