Chris Atley, Business Success Specialist, Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on December 3, 2014

Chris Atley, Business Success Specialist, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps small business owners and entrepreneurs find work/life balance which allows their businesses to grow.

Chris Atley, Business Success Strategist, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. She discussed how she helps overworked small business owners and entrepreneurs find work/life balance which, in turn, allows their businesses grow even more.

Many entrepreneurs start a business with a dream. They romanticize about the life they’re going to have as they build their business. What usually ends up happening, however, is that at some point, they’re on a proverbial hamster wheel and they just can’t run any faster.

When they first started the business, they did as much of the work as they could. As the business grows, however, they fail to turn over some of those tasks to other people and they continue to try to do everything themselves. Their business and family life suffer as they run out of energy and time.

According to Atley, “When I’m sitting down with business owners initially, they’re sharing with me how burnt out they are. How they don’t have time with their family. A lot of them have families or other relationships that are important to them. They’re definitely not living their dream lifestyle which they envisioned to begin with when they started their business.

And they’re almost ready to give up or sell the business or do something else. They’re just really not living a happy life and not bringing in the income to take things to the next level.”

These successful business owners have the belief system that they need to do everything themselves. Atley excels at helping them learn to let go of some of the activities that others could do just as well. She helps them reframe how they’re looking at things so they can start to leverage their time better.

Contrary to what they believe, this actually will enable their business to grow even more and they start to become able to create the lifestyle they’ve been wanting. With Atley’s help, they work on shifting some of their subconscious beliefs that were formed in their younger years.

When they start to let go of doing everything and allow others to take over some of those functions, they are able to have more time for their family, friends or whatever they want to be doing with their time. She believes they should be doing this not only in their business, but in their personal life, as well. Letting go of some things at home may even be a good place to start if they’re reluctant to do it at work.

Atley works with international business owners, as well as American entrepreneurs and business owners. As a Canadian, she is uniquely skilled at helping them address the different cultural beliefs that may impact the growth of their businesses.

Atley is an expert at helping others shift who they are on the inside, stop working harder and live their dreams.

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