Kellie Hill Helps Busy Women Lose Weight…No Gimmicks Needed!

Published on December 3, 2014

Kellie Hill of Kellie Hill Nutrition helps women lose weight successfully and enjoy healthier, more active lives.

Bringing the best nutrition to her weight-loss clients, Kellie Hill of Kellie Hill Nutrition ( helps busy moms lose weight without relying on pre-packaged diet foods or special supplements. By focusing on better nutrition and lifestyle changes, Hill’s clients get fit by making lasting lifestyle changes that will help them stay fit over the long haul.

“I guide women to have the ability to transform their lives and their families lives permanently so they are healthy, happy, confident, and active,” Hill says.

Working with Hill, clients can expect to not only lose weight, but also gain confidence, unlimited energy, become more active, and boost self esteem.

As a successful weight loss coach and nutrition expert with an over 95% success rate, Hill marks her clients’ achievements as among her greatest professional rewards.

“I love seeing my client’s succeed in their goals; more than just a number on the scale, but the feelings, emotions, confidence and self-esteem that happens for them,” Hill says. “They are able to not only change their lives but the lives of their entire families.”

As the best-selling author of the 2 Week Weight Loss Program and having been regularly featured on television news programs as a weight loss and nutrition expert, Hill creates all of the recipes she uses as part of her program. They are kid-tested and tasty for the entire family, helping busy women with families cook just one healthy meal for everyone at her table.

Hill has developed her program with a personal starting point for each client. No matter where they begin, her clients can find personally relevant and helpful information on her program’s website. With everything from free tips, meal plans, and downloadable longer term programs, Hill has created a valuable and educational resource for her clients that is accessible whenever they need it.

“One client just wanted to be able to keep up with her family. They hiked, water skied, rode bikes, and more while she was too heavy to participate. When she did try, she was quickly winded, exhausted, fatigued, and ultimately sidelined,” Hill says. “Her family would finish a hike while she sat and waited partway through. She was ashamed and embarrassed and knew her family felt that way about her too.”

After participating in Hill’s program, that client was able to become an active participant in her own family’s life.

“She lost over forty pounds and now is not only finishing the hikes, but beating the kids to the end,” Hill says.

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