Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr. Author of ‘It Is Time’ Awarded Esteemed Position of #1 Best Seller in Ministry and Evangelism on Amazon

Published on May 9, 2016

Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr., author of the book, 'It Is Time,' explains his inspiration and vision for his new book, which recently made it to the position of #1 Best Seller in three categories of Ministry and Evangelism on

CAPE TOWN – Shortly after the release of It Is Time: It Is Time for You to Take a Stand for Christ and God’s Kingdom by author Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr., the book made it to the position of #1 Best Seller in three categories of Ministry and Evangelism on

When asked what inspired him to write the book, du Preez said, “As I began my walk with God, He put sermons on my heart, which I started to write on, and when the time was right, He said to me, ‘It is time for the message to be heard.’” Although Christian books about evangelism, ministry, and preaching line the shelves of book stores all over the world, too few of those books contain sermons that quote the scriptures, according to du Preez. “My message needs to be plain and simple,” said du Preez. He continues, “God has already given His life for us. He’s done it all. We don’t need to do it. I want to motivate people but with my central focus on God. And it’s not about what God can do for us, because He’s already done it on the cross at Calvary two thousand years ago. It’s about what we can do for Him!”

Called to ministry in 2011, du Preez claims it was divine inspiration that prompted him to write his sermons and eventually compile many of them into his first book. It Is Time is essentially a sermon compilation, in which du Preez shares “what God has put on my heart,” with the readers of his book. “The impact that I want my book to have on the world is bringing more people to Christ, -for people to meet Jesus through my book. My book will never replace the Word of God. It’s just a tool that will aid them to understand the Word of God better,” explained du Preez.

Currently, du Preez is co-authoring his second book with Gerald Ferreira, Lead Pastor at Friend of God, the largest Pentecostal Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa. Their book, Chapter 11, is largely based on the teachings found in the book of Hebrews, chapter 11, one of the greatest chapters in the Bible, according to du Preez. “My vision is to glorify God,” said du Preez. His vision is to build his own ministry worldwide. He also intends to compliment the efforts of and work in concert with the Friend of God family.

Chris Louis Henry du Preez, Jr. is the South African born bestselling author of the book, IT IS TIME. He recently finished a second BA program at the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Seminary, a study group at Global School of Theology. His calling is to full time ministry, leading others to Christ by preaching, and by teaching the Word of God. He is currently working on his Masters of Arts degree in Biblical Theology at Global School of Theology Western Cape. He will officially be ordained as a pastor by the end of 2016.

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