Nervana Stem Cell Centers Stem Cell Clinic Opens in Sacramento

Published on May 9, 2016

Nervana Stem Cell Centers is announcing the opening of its stem cell clinic in Sacramento. The clinic uses fat and amniotic stem cell injections to reduce pain & stimulate healing of chronic & acute injuries.

Sacramento, California, May 10. Nervana Stem Cell Centers is announcing the opening of its stem cell clinic in Sacramento. The clinic uses fat and amniotic stem cell injections to reduce pain and stimulate healing of chronic and acute injuries. These treatments can benefit patients for whom medications and conservative treatments have not helped, and who are hoping to avoid surgery.

Nervana Stem Cell Centers is a leading clinic offering fat and amniotic stem cell therapy to treat painful conditions. Stem cells are powerful cells in the body that have the potential to develop into different kinds of specialized cells, such as those in joint tissue.

Stem cell therapy stimulates healing and can be a non-invasive alternative to surgery when steroids, pain medication, and physical therapy have failed. Patients can find relief after a single visit to the clinic in Sacramento.

Nervana Stem Cell Centers treats a wide range of conditions. Stem cell injections can reduce chronic pain in patients with conditions such as osteoarthritis including of the knee, hip, and other joints, peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

Patients with acute injuries can also be candidates for treatment at Nervana Stem Cell Centers in Sacramento. Fat and amniotic stem cell injections can promote healing rather than simply mask the pain, as can be expected with the use of corticosteroids and other medications.

The use of fat and amniotic stem cell injections is already accepted in Europe and Mexico. Elite athletes Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant are among the high-profile patients who have traveled overseas to treat their injuries at proven stem cell clinics. The stem cell treatments they received allowed them return to the highest level of play in their respective sports.

In the United States, thousands of individuals have received fat and amniotic stem cell treatments as the procedures become more widely used. The FDA and others have recognized the potential for stem cell therapy to change lives. Nervana Stem Cell Centers encourages interested individuals to make an appointment. All patients receive thorough explanations of their conditions and treatment recommendations at the clinic.

Nervana Stem Cell Centers in Sacramento boasts top doctors, including its president Dr. Tushar Goradia, MD, PhD. Dr. Goradia received his medical and doctoral degrees from Harvard University and completed his internship at University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center. During his residency at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Goradia developed the technological toolbox that enabled a surgical team to successfully complete a historical surgical separation of conjoined twins joined at the backs of their heads.

Nervana Stem Cell Centers provides regenerative medicine to reduce chronic pain and heal damage from injuries. Its mission is to reduce pain and heal extensive tissue damage through stem cell therapy and other innovative treatments under the direction of leading doctors such as Dr. Goradia. The center is located at 4003 Bridge Street, Fair Oaks, CA. More information about Nervana Stem Cell Centers can be found on the organization’s website at Potential patients may schedule appointments and request more information via the online contact form or by calling 916-846-9816.

Company Name: Nervana Stem Cell Centers
Contact Person: Dr. Tushar Goradia
Phone: 916-846-9816
Country: United States