Christian Author Lorraine Saavedra’s Book Touches Hearts and Heals Wounds

Published on May 11, 2022

Christian faith author Lorraine Saavedra’s poetry book “Truth Is - Why Lie Now: Inspirational Rhyming Poems” inspires readers, heals hearts, and allows people to reflect on their pain.

Lorraine Saavedra’s book Truth Is – Why Lie Now: Inspirational Rhyming Poems, is a beautiful book for Christian readers.

For anyone who has ever experienced a broken heart or felt abandoned in any way, this book engages the spirit of the Christian reader and gives them a way back to the light again. Each poem encourages reflection from personal experiences.

And when asked why she wrote the book, Saavedra said, “to overcome a broken friendship. If you don’t heal what hurt, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”

Saavedra chose the title Truth Is – Why Lie Now: Inspirational Rhyming Poems, because she believes it puts into words the truth in its entirety.

The author believes God blessed her with the gift of creativity to write and share her deepest secrets through poetry. She also believes her writing has helped her to overcome insecurities from the broken friendship, along with many other childhood and adulthood experiences. The author also writes about past and present experiences for family and friends to inspire them to overcome as well.

Saavedra’s book can be found on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble


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