Christian Yoga Leader to Appear on National Christian Show

Published on April 23, 2015

Yoga Helping to Heal All

Detroit native Trina Campbell has opened her first Christian Yoga Centre right in her hometown, and she will be appearing on the Christian television show “The Greg Davis Show” live April 27th at 5pm, to discuss how Yoga is not a religion it’s a spiritual practice and people of any religion can practice yoga.Yoga is the spiritual practice of yoking the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore Christian yoga is no different. Sacred Space Yoga Centre allows a safe place to practice yoga and reap all the benefits that yoga affords such as: pain reduction, improved breathing, increased circulation, improved flexibility, renewed strength, and enhanced organ functions. The spiritual benefits include learning how to be still long enough to enter into God’s presence,and learning how to breathe and quiet the mind so we can meditate on God’s word without getting distracted and how to be physically and spiritually aligned so that disease does not interrupt our physical body or our spiritual walk.

Detroit native Trina Lynn Campbell is the founder and owner of Sacred Space Yoga Centre. Her mission is to operate as an extension of God’s love by unselfishly serving, encouraging, and positively impacting the lives of others. She does this by facilitating transformation through the ministry of yoga and therapeutic touch. Trina became a certified fitness instructor in 1994 after cancer claimed her mother’s life at the tender age of 54. In 2009 Trina became interested in a more holistic approach to keeping the body healthy and decided to look more in-depth into yoga, she was certified as a master yoga instructor in 2010. She has been traveling across the state teaching yoga for over a decade and recently found a place to call home opening Sacred Space Yoga Centre in hopes of introducing more people to the ministry and gift of yoga from a Christian perspective.

Campbell says “Yoga is a spiritual and therapeutic practice that enhances one’s body physically, mentally and spiritually. When done with a Christ-centered intent by combining the Word of God, inspirational music and meditation one’s experience is totally transforming.”

“The Greg Davis Show” is hosted by Bishop Greg Davis and can be seen IMPACT network Monday thru Saturday at 5:00pm (EST) and Saturdays at 10:00pm (EST).Talk show veteran Greg Davis brings a variety of news, talk, empowerment and more. The Greg Davis Show showcases what’s really going on in the world, from various convention and conference locations across the country to the best in entertainment, current events and more. Greg Davis brings his enthusiastic personality, creativity and his seasoned approach to The Impact Network.

For more information on Trina Campbell and Sacred Space Yoga Centre please visit or contact Trina Lynn Campbell at 313-283-3144.

Company Name: Sacred Space Yoga Centre
Contact Person: Trina Lynn Campbell
Phone: 3138233144
Country: USA