Christine Matus Focuses on Helping Parents of Special Needs Children Plan Ahead

Published on April 15, 2016

Toms River Attorney Christine Matus shares how she helps parents with disabled children plan for the future in a new interview on Business Innovators Magazine.

Christine Matus used to lie awake at night worrying about the same things as the clients she serves at Matus Law Group in Toms River, New Jersey. Having a child with a disability, she experienced the same things they do. She educates parents and acts as a resource hub to plan and prepare for their children’s future.

“Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome, I know exactly what they’re going through; the angst, the worries, and the victories that we go through together,” said Matus. As a special needs planning attorney, she helps alleviate those fears. “I love helping parents plan ahead to give them that security, to make them know they’re not alone.”

The amount of information available to help parents manage their finances, plan for the years ahead and assure their child is cared for and protected can be overwhelming.

According to the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER) Center website, “When your child is diagnosed with a disability, it can be overwhelming—emotionally and financially—on you, and perhaps your child and family as well. You realize, maybe suddenly, that you must change or modify plans for your child’s future.”

Parents of a special needs child confirmed the need with a client testimonial:

“Having a daughter with special needs, we realized that we would need a Trust to provide for her future. Due to the fact that she already had Guardians we did not know if this would create problems and were uncertain where to begin. We knew that we needed someone very experienced in Special Needs Trusts but also someone who was patient, compassionate and willing to answer our many questions. We found just such a person in Christine Matus.”

Matus explains, “We try to be that haven for parents, to give them security, reassurance that it’s going to be great. Everything’s going to be great. We sit with them and try to plan out not only how the assets can get to their child, but to answer the question, ‘Who’s going to be involved in their life when we’re no longer around?’”

Business Innovators Magazine contributing writer Stephanie Miller recently spoke with Attorney Matus about how she helps parents navigate the future. The interview touched on the things her law firm can assist with: the legal, financial, social and medical issues that families with special needs children face. Matus stressed the importance of special needs planning to obtain and keep government benefits, education and services for support.

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About Christine Matus:

As founder of the award-winning boutique law firm The Matus Law Group, Christine Matus has helped protect assets for special needs children and conduct smooth real estate closings for almost two decades.

She is author of the book “Basic Estate Planning for Parents with Special Needs Children.”

Christine’s articles have been published in many magazines and trade journals. She is an expert speaker and frequent radio show guest.

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