Dr. Stephen Lewis from Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas, Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio about the Thyroid and How it Dramatically Impacts the Body

Published on April 15, 2016

Business Innovators Radio covers stories from the most innovative leaders in business such as Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Dave Ramsey. The interview with Dr. Stephen Lewis was published on April 14, 2016.

In this powerful interview, listeners will learn how the Thyroid impacts health. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), “The thyroid (Latin: glandula thyreoidea) is a vitally important hormonal gland that plays a major role in the metabolism, growth and maturation of the human body.” It’s shaped like a butterfly and is located in the front part of the neck, right below the larynx (voice box). It continuously releases a steady amount of hormones into the bloodstream, thereby regulating many body functions. These hormones are commonly known as T3 and T4. When functioning optimally, the thyroid produces only the amount of hormones a body needs. For example, more hormones are needed when someone is growing, if they’re cold, or during pregnancy. Unfortunately, many body processes go wrong, and thyroid function is included.  

Dr. Lewis mentions in the interview, “The Thyroid acts as the master gland in your body.” 

“We pride ourselves in supplying much-needed information on nutrition without the marketing hype. We understand the need to help the public understand more about proper nutrition,” says Lewis.  

Dr. Stephen Lewis has a long history of helping people achieve their maximum potential. Dr. Stephen Lewis stays current on the latest research pertaining to nutritional supplements and optimal health.

Doctor’s Nutrition provides Evidence-Based Nutrition™ information, where you get information based on years of experience treating patients with natural compounds and verifying the results with pre and post lab tests.  Located in Longview, Texas, Doctor’s Nutrition offers medical lab services without the need for expensive office visits and long waits.

Learn more: http://www.drsnutrition.org/   

Listeners are sure to learn vital information to help them in their health. The interview with Dr. Stephen Lewis is available on iTunes, Stitcher,  iHeart Radio and Business Innovators Radio Show.

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