Clarence Fisher, Featured Program Presenter, The $10 a Day Marketing Plan Discussion at the SCORE Small Business Summit in Tulsa, OK

Published on May 2, 2016

The $10 a Day Marketing Plan workshop, organized and led by Clarence Fisher, will help business owners generate new business specifically using the Facebook Ads program.

The workshop will include tips and tricks on bidding, targeting the right audience, how to word ads and the inclusion of relevant imagery. The workshop will also go over how to achieve business goals using the least amount of time, manpower and other resources. Business owners will be able to use these tips immediately, and companies will also save money by avoiding the expensive pitfalls that usually create costly trial and error cycles.

“Facebook is the number one opportunity for advertisers in the world with 1.5 billion profiles and growing,” said Fisher. “Although businesses, especially new businesses, face the largest amount of competition on Facebook, the outlet continues to grow as a primary source of customer acquisition and conversion. Most consumers will not take a business seriously unless that company has a Facebook presence, and the $10 a Day marketing plan discussion is meant to help business owners navigate the challenges of competing on the platform within a limited budget.”

Facebook has robust analytics that business owners can use to easily interpret the feedback of potential consumers. Attendees at the $10 a Day Marketing Plan discussion will learn what statistics Facebook keeps and exactly why they are so important. Attendees will also learn how to test campaigns in the field while lowering their total cost per click, resulting in quick turnarounds for new ideas. Finally, attendees will learn about the key metrics that should be watched and best practices to incorporate for business. Examples of keyword phrasing and how to target an audience will be shown.

In terms of technical knowledge, attendees will learn how to navigate the intuitive Facebook user interface, how to find the metrics that are important and creating a customized interface that can help to create a quicker workflow.

The $10 a Day Marketing Plan is focused on smaller businesses without the means to force their way into visibility on social media through money alone. Users will learn how to target bids in order to maximize reach without paying top dollar or competing directly against large businesses with a much larger budget. Small business owners who take in the discussion will never get into bidding wars with any companies; rather, they will learn to focus directly on a small niche market, maximize the ROI that ads give in that space, and expand that initial audience organically over time.

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