SheSpeaksGlobal “The Experience” Returns to Atlanta on July 29

Published on May 2, 2016

Annual women’s empowerment movement delivers unique platform to enhance the lives of women globally

SheSpeaksGlobal™ “The Experience” is a global movement that gives women of all backgrounds around the world a platform to find and take back their voice in their households, communities, and society at large. This movement, which takes place in Atlanta, GA July 29 – July 31, and is themed Destination Destiny, will tackle the unique challenges women face and give them the tools they need to transform their lives mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

“Today’s woman has lost her voice in some form or fashion. Women around the world are in search of hope, a path, and proof that life can change. They need access to women who’ve been down that road and can guide them on that pathway back to their voice and their true identity,” stated Chinaza Duson, Founder and CEO of the SheSpeaksGlobal movement. “The SheSpeaks movement aims to shift the way women think of themselves, which in turn will change the way they are perceived in society. When a woman is empowered and she knows her passion and purpose, she can move mountains; she can improve the quality of life around her and she becomes whole.  That’s what SheSpeaks offers to the women who participate.”

The Second Annual SheSpeaks flagship event will be held in Atlanta, but does not end there. SheSpeaks looks to have subsequent experiences in the United Kingdom and Johannesburg, South Africa and expand to more cities throughout 2016. It also provides ongoing resources and tools between SheSpeaks events to make lasting change in the lives of deserving women around the globe.

The SheSpeaks experience in each city will feature panels and workshops led by SheSpeaks SHE-roes, women and men who have excelled in their respective careers and fields of expertise and aim to empower and inspire women to find their voice and pursue their purpose.

This years, Featured speakers include Co-Host, Author and Corporate Executive, Jil Greene (#shemaximizes); Author, Social Entrepreneur and Executive Director at Rolling Out Magazine, Yvette Caslin, Nonprofit & Grant Manager, Expert, Tina Wheeler (#BuildingASolidFoundation); Entrepreneurs and Life Coaches, Jarrod & Porshea Wilkins (#whendreamscollide); Author, Entrepreneur, and Youth Advocate, David Shands (#dreamsarebuiltovernight); award winning business leaders and subject matter experts   Mark Sterling (#transformyourcapacity) and Quest Green (#marriageworks); physician and author Dr. Sally Byrd (#sheshealthy), nationally acclaimed ministry leaders, Pastor Anthony Knotts, Bishop Lester Love and Dr. Wanda Davis (#theyinspire) and a host of other amazing talents and surprise guest.

In addition to empowering seminars, black tie gala, Shero luncheon, informational breakout sessions and panels, the unique SheSpeaks experience will include activities that address women holistically such as urban yoga sessions, a “Pillow Talk Pajama Session”, and a night time Zumba Party.

Special Thank you to our Partner/Speaker Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DHM, NHD, DSym of and 20 Years Experience Delivering Root Cause Therapeutics. Author and founder of Symptometry: Originator of Root Cause TherapeuticsTM, Dr. Maxwell Nartey has helped countless people heal from chronic and acute diseases by removing known hindrances from the cells, from DNA, from blood and from the lymphatic system.

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