Client Care Is The Key To Service Freight Systems Inc.’s Skyrocketed Growth

In a recent interview Randy Stanbury, President of Service Freight Systems Inc, a third-party logistics agent, reported that client care is the key to his company’s skyrocketing growth. He said, “People don’t leave once they’re with us.

Clients, Not Customers

Service Freight Systems places a lot of importance on the difference between clients and customers. “We’ve removed the word “customer” from our vocabulary,” explained Stanbury.  Customers are people who come once, make a purchase, and leave. The relationship between a customer and a business is fleeting. It begins and ends all in one transaction.

Clients and businesses enjoy a longer-standing, more intimate relationship. Stanbury goes on to depict the way clients return to a business again and again–out of comfort, convenience and because a business provides the client with a “deeper, longer-term solution.”

Seamless Distribution

That deeper, longer-term solution is the corner stone of Service Freight’s client care. Randy Stanbury describes it as “seamless distribution.” When a client places an order with Service Freight Systems, the transportation from point of origin to destination is fluid and smooth, relying on an intricate network of different resources all with one goal in mind: to deliver the product on time as promised.

Once a client places an order, Service Freight goes to work, making arrangements up a long and complex pipeline. When one part of the pipeline breaks down, Service Freight workers get on the phone and make calls until the problem has been solved. From the client’s point of view, this maneuvering from point A to point B will seem seamless and simple. From Service Freight’s end, the process relies on hard work and ingenuity.

Going the Distance

Not all companies will literally do whatever it takes to deliver a package to a client as promised. In the case of Service Freight, however, this is how the business really works. “At the end of the day, if we have to move a truck three or four hundred miles out of the way to get something picked up, we’re going to take care of that for our client,” explained Stanbury.

At Service Freight, getting the clients their deliveries by the deadline is critical. Service Freight has made a commitment to its clients, and as Stanbury expressed, “Living our word with integrity is crucially important to myself and the business.”  Sometimes this means that Service Freight takes a loss to make a delivery. This is seen as a normal part of maintaining client relationships, and Service Freight stands behind this method of doing business. It’s this drive to do the job right that has earned Service Freight some of its biggest clients, like ConAgra Foods and Sealed Air Corporation.


The client communication at Service Freight is based on “complete honesty.” Meaning clients will be told when problems occur. In the shipping industry, problems may happen for a number of reasons. Roadways become blocked, weather stops traffic. Service Freight keeps its clients informed as situations arise, so those clients can make backup plans if necessary. Its patrons know that Service Freight will do whatever it takes to make a delivery, and they’re kept informed to avoid unexpected surprises or disappointments.

This kind of regular communication can help deepen the client’s trust that Service Freight delivers quality and reliability. “Our job is focused on a level of communication not seen anywhere else in the industry,” Stanbury reported.

At the end of the day, it’s attention to detail and commitment to deliver that clients respond to. This is how Service Freight manages to keep its clients happy, and how Service Freight has managed to stand apart in its industry.

Service Freight Systems’ mission is to continue being the absolute best communicators in their industry.

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