Lifestylehouse Expands To Ibiza And Are Appointed Exclusive Distributor For The SISMO Building System For The Island Of Ibiza

Published on October 29, 2015

Lifestylehouse are appointed as exclusive distributors for the SISMO(r) building system in Ibiza as well as opening offices on the island for their selection of contemporary modern villas.

Building on their growth as one of the leading designers and builders of modern villas in Spain, Lifestylehouse are excited to announce their appointment as exclusive distributors for the innovative SISMO building system in Ibiza, as well as the opening of dedicated offices in Ibiza for their range of contemporary modern villas.

Lifestylehouse is the brainchild of Erik Vasbinder & Ton van den Bosch. With head offices in the Netherlands and sales offices in Marbella, the team of engineers, designers and craftsmen at Lifestylehouse have created a unique modular system for constructing a range of exclusive modern villas that are beautifully engineered yet, by taking advantage of the latest advances in building materials and techniques, extremely fast to build.

A core to the success of Lifesylehouse is that the entire project is meticulously planned prior to construction. All of the components are then pre-manufactured prior to delivery for on-site assembly, thus speeding up substantially the entire construction process, whilst at the same time ensuring that all components meet the exacting standards of Lifestylehouse.

One of the key components of the modular system is the use of the advanced SISMO building system for the structure of the building.

Produced in Belgium, the SISMO system consists of hollow lightweight building blocks that have an inner lattice structure of galvanized steel wire. Simple and easy to transport and manipulate the blocks are laid one top of another to build up the wall structure of the villa. The actual fill material of the blocks will vary depending on the exact technical requirements of the structure as well specific insulating requirements.

For supporting walls, once all blocks are in position, concrete is poured in, effectively turning the entire villa into a reinforced concrete structure of exceptional strength.

The advantages of the system are:

 – The lightweight blocks are easy to manipulate, so speeding up the construction process and reducing costs,The exceptional strength of the final reinforced concrete structure means that the building structure is both anti-seismic as well as hurricane proof

 – Architects can choose from a wide range of insulating options that are compatible with the system, further enhancing the insulating properties of the walls

 – SISMO is eco-friendly for a sustainable environment. The production process is non-polluting, there is no use of wood so preventing deforestation and the modular system significantly reduces jobsite waste and the associated problems of disposal

 – In 2001 SISMO was the first company in the construction sector that received the European Technical Approval (ETA 01/0001)

 – The system is highly versatile and the building blocks can be used as both external load bearing walls or internal partition walls. The blocks can be supplied in different designs and are suitable for all types of construction from single family homes to apartment blocks or commercial developments.

Lifestylehouse are currently in the process of constructing a modern show villa on the Island of Ibiza using SISMO and already a considerable amount of interest has been shown in the system from leading real estate agents, architects and builders.

In fact Gert Oepkes, sales manager at Sotheby’s International Realty in Ibiza, one of the leading estate agencies in the world for luxury properties, is already recommending SISMO to clients looking to construct fine homes using the latest building materials.

Lifestylehouse will be supporting the entire SISMO building system through their offices in Ibiza, including full marketing and technical support for owners, developers, architects, builders and real estate agents.

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Ton Van den Bosch can be contacted in Spain on +34 952 793 662 or +34 678 643 105 & Erik Vasbinder can be contacted at the head offices in the Netherlands on +31 72 505 55 35.

Company Name: Lifestylehouse
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