Cliff Steagall, Founder of PCS Fitness, Hits No. 1 Amazon Best Seller List with New Book “Motivation to Overcome”

Published on January 8, 2016

Cliff Steagall, Founder of PCS Fitness, became an Amazon Bestselling Author after his book, "Motivation to Overcome: Answers to the 17 Most Asked Questions About Personal Fitness," hit the Amazon Best Seller list in five categories.

Cliff Steagall’s book “Motivation to Overcome” achieved Best Seller status in five Amazon categories. It was No 1 in Injuries and Rehabilitation; No 2 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; No 6 in Health, Fitness, and Dieting; No 23 in Medical Specialties; and No 48 in Exercise and Fitness.

In “Motivation to Overcome” Cliff addresses the 17 most asked questions about personal fitness he has encountered in his thirty years as a licensed physical therapist, ergonomics assessment specialist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He inspires readers to regain their zeal for life, rebuild their health after years of poor lifestyle choices, and investigate the resources for recovery he offers.

The book addresses topics including achieving good quality sleep, exercising according to your specific body type, building an exercise routine for beginners, exercising with arthritis, and several others.

Cliff also recognizes the importance of having an internal source of motivation in order to maintain any lifestyle change.

“There are just so many distractions these days,” says Cliff. “Simply spouting nutrition facts and designing strength programs does not produce actual results. Only through attentively listening to patients am I able to help find their motivation from within—to draw out their passion for life.”

The World Health Organization reported in 2011 that 50% of all adults worldwide report headaches—a complaint that Cliff frequently hears from his patients and one of the 17 topics he covers in his book.

“The most common complaints I hear respective to aging are those of chronic head and backaches,” he reports. “Often, both complaints stem from preventable factors like dehydration, lack of exercise, exhaustion or poor posture. None of these require medication or doctor’s visit to solve.”

Cliff teaches his patients that one of the key factors in maintaining the high level of motivation necessary for attaining a foundational level of core fitness, is disregarding the phrase, “No pain, no gain.” He insists that it is a myth.

“If someone experiences pain while exercising, they are doing something wrong,” he insists.

Cliff Steagall is the founder of PCS Fitness. He is a licensed physical therapist, a strength and conditioning specialist, and a nutrition expert. He currently works as the lead therapist for the Symetra Tour, the official development golf tour of the LPGA Tour.

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