Marketing Strategist Tom Holub Signs Book Deal With Ainsley & Allen Publishing

Published on January 8, 2016

Marketing Strategist Tom Holub has signed a deal with Ainsley & Allen Publishing in order to become a contributor to the upcoming book Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3, which is scheduled for release in January 2016.

Holub, who specializes in helping small business owners with local marketing, will contribute a chapter regarding what a small business owner should do before they attempt creating a presence for their company on the internet. Topics include making a mindset shift from being a “seller” to becoming an entrepreneur, creating a powerful U.S.P. along with an Irresistible Offer, the power of focus groups, doing your homework and the importance of the Personality-Driven-Direct-Response Advertising-and-Marketing model.

Holub states, “I consider this a huge honor. And, being selected by Ainsley & Allen Publishing to contribute this chapter was admittedly intimidating at first but I was determined to render a quality piece and I think I accomplished that.

However, I can’t take all the credit. The chapter I wrote was the result of a large amount of trial and error testing both my clients and I went through and still go through when crafting successful marketing systems for their businesses. I hope every small business owner who reads that chapter, and the other chapters my esteemed colleagues have contributed, learn and apply all of that real world, in-the-trenches experience. After all, that’s why I contributed that chapter in the first place.”

In local marketing for over 20 years, Toronto based marketing strategist Tom Holub has helped dozens of local small businesses create marketing systems that turn indifferent prospects into lifelong customers.

Look for Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3 to be available on and other national book retailers in January 2016.

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