Cothrine Financial to launch “Cothrine Says…” a National Internet Radio show

Published on April 28, 2017

John Cothrine, founder of Cothrine Financial, was selected to host a weekly national internet radio show and Youtube channel to further educate Americans about retirement.

Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram have turned everyone into a media personality.  In the past you had to be fortunate enough to be found by a media company in order to get a show that reaches millions of people every day.  Today that is no longer the case.  With an impactful message and to the right audience, it is normal to find kids under the age of 10 reaching millions of people with their Youtube channels and Instragram profiles.  

Cothrine Financial has decided to offer a expand it’s reach by offering the same core message from it’s weekly live workshops in an always available format for those who can’t attend a live workshop or would like more information in the comfort of their own home.  By partnering with Authority Spark, a digital media production company that specializes in working with financial advisors, Cothrine Financial will have the help it needs to make the show a success without having to become an expert in producing or marketing the show.

Ron Story Jr of Authority Spark explains, “With almost 20 years working with financial advisors, I’ve learned that some advisors are just sales people making a pitch, and there are others who are trying to make a difference.  John is a man trying to make a difference and it is evident in his actions not just his words.  That’s why we are excited to work with him on this show.  I think this partnership allows him to make a greater positive impact American retirees not just throughout IL, MO but nationally.”

Today’s retirees are more technologically advanced than ever before.  A record number now own smart phones and use social media on a daily basis.  So the idea of financial advice moving from off the television screen with Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman, and into the retiree’s pocket via their smart phones seems to be a natural progression.

“I am excited to launch the show.  We have spent the last year developing the message and the concept.  I hope my clients and other retirees that tune in find it to be valuable.  The ultimate goal of everything we do at Cothrine Financial is to motivate the retiree to take action to make the most of what they’ve worked hard to build.  This is just another example of our commitment to having impactful conversations with America’s wealthiest generation about the future of money in this country.” Cothrine stated.

The Show will launch on Monday May 15, 2017.

It can be found by searching “Cothrine Says” on Itunes, Stitcher Radio, Youtube or Google.

For more information on Cothrine Financial and “Cothrine Says…” visit:

Company Name: Authority Spark
Contact Person: Ron Story Jr
Phone: (314)280-7408
Country: USA