Craig Petronella, North Carolina Cyber Security Expert, Reveals Protection Methods To Safeguard Against Computer Hacking.

Craig Petronella, North Carolina Cyber Security Expert, Reveals Protection Methods To Safeguard Against Computer Hacking.

Craig Petronella was a featured guest on Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer, talking about how easily your business information can be hacked and the 3 step process to avoid this before it’s too late.

On a recent episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer, Craig Petronella discussed how most businesses mistakenly believed they will never be hacked.

According to Petronella, there is a three step process he uses to evaluate any business for potential security breaches. These steps include a security risk assessment, a remediation phase, and a redo of the security risk assessment to make sure the company information is secure and in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

Petronella said, “There are hackers from all over the world who use sophisticated malware or ransomware 20 times more powerful than your bank, to steal your data and then demand a hefty fee so you can access your information needed to run your business.”

When Joel Helfer, asked Petronella, “How is this possible?”, Petronella replied, “If you do not have a good back up or recovery system for your data, you may have to pay and there is no guarantee the criminals will give you  your data back.”

During the interview, Craig Petronella spoke in detail about his proprietary three step process to safeguard your company information.  He noted that in addition to the process to assess, protect, and re-evaluate your system to make sure its safe, there was an ongoing maintenance component.

He said, “Even when your company data is secure from a criminal hacker, you need to have an ongoing maintenance program called managed security services to guard against all the changes in technology that happen on a daily basis.”

The interview concluded when Craig Petronella, who has over 30 years experience protecting companies against cyber theft , stated,  “Businesses have to be very careful on what emails they open up, because even one seemingly harmless email can lead to the theft of your company data.” All businesses need security awareness training.

Craig Petronella has proprietary, ongoing managed security services utilizing patented technologies every business needs, but often doesn’t put enough importance on until it’s too late.

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