CRM Success Workshop Scheduled in Charlotte, NC on April 25-26 by Success Accelerators

Published on April 18, 2017

Success Accelerators announces a CRM Success Workshop is scheduled for April 25-26 in Charlotte, NC. The workshop is for CRM process owners, sales/marketing/service leaders, administrators, and project managers that are considering a CRM solution or are struggling to gain the most out of an existing CRM solution.

Success Accelerators, the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc. will be conducting a CRM Success Workshop April 25-26, 2017 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The 2-day workshop is designed for customer relationship management process owners; sales, marketing, and service leaders; administrators; and project managers that are considering a CRM solution or are struggling to get the most out of an existing CRM solution. The workshop will be delivering content on how to get teams to actually use CRM and generate measurable ROI, regardless of the CRM platform.

The first day of the workshop will focus on developing a plan and a roadmap for CRM implementation that engages leaders and the project team. Sessions will also cover developing a sales process that the team will buy into. The second day will cover benchmarking CRM for continuous improvement, managing change, and establishing a governance process to keep data clean and users engaged. Two case studies will be shared so participants can learn from peers that have successfully adopted CRM.

Geoff Ables, bestselling author and managing partner of C5 Insight, will deliver the keynote discussing creating a customer-centric organization. He will cover the 5 common-sense, but not commonly practiced, rules for customer engagement; the differences between standard and relationship business processes; and engaging leaders in relationship-building projects while avoiding common leadership pitfalls. Ables will outline why 30% to 60% of CRM projects fail and what to learn from failures.

Joy Khambhaita, IT and Digital Director for North American Specialist at TUI Travel PLC, will present a case study of TUI’s successes and struggles when implementing for three brands and their plans for rolling out to additional brands across their footprint. TUI is the largest travel services company in the world with operations in 180 countries and 30 million customers. Khambhaita will provide practical lessons on vendor selection, project planning, user training, leadership engagement, and systems integration.

Gregory Prudhomme, Manager of Treasury Management Product Management at Wells Fargo, will provide an overview of how Wells Fargo Treasury Management implemented CRM while driving the highest level of adoption. He will share best practices for gaining user engagement, integration that drives productivity, secrets for keeping a large customer database clean, and tips for maintaining CRM compliance in the financial services industry. Prudhomme will also offer insights into multiple instances of CRM applications in large organizations and how customizations can be leveraged to improve productivity and adoption.

Success Accelerators is the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc. Located on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC., Success Accelerators serves businesses around the world by providing educational conferences and content on business transformation, focused on improving how they engage with customers and employees. Executives in the roles of business leadership, marketing, information technology, sales, human resources, and customer care attend Success Accelerators’ conferences. For more information about this workshop and other conferences offered by Success Accelerators, visit

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