Chris Dyson, Author of Target Practice, Hits the Top of the Amazon Bestseller List

Chris Dyson, founder of Puckstoppers Goaltending Development, released his book Target Practice which has hit the top of the Amazon Bestseller list. Dyson utilizes his 30 year experience to help coaches and parents work with goaltenders of all ages.

Chris Dyson does not just write about hockey; he has many years of experience in teaching the game, with a focus on training goaltenders from a young age to develop the skills needed for success. Now, Dyson has launched his book, Target Practice: 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game, which synthesizes his experience and helps coaches and parents understand the proper steps and tools to work with and develop goaltenders of any age.

As an ice hockey goaltending consultant and instructor as well as an advocate for the ethical advancement of children in minor sport, Dyson has spent many years working with young hockey players. Now, his book offers a way for coaches to become positive influences in these young players’ lives as well as enhance their enjoyment of the game. The book is filled with support and insight that allows coaches to help goalies develop the core essential skills necessary to win and become compassionate about hockey.

Dyson is on a mission to address one of the biggest problems facing minor hockey in North America. According to Dyson, the majority of hockey coaches lack the understanding to develop goaltenders properly. This can result in frustration for the coach, team and goaltender as well as parents and supporters. Dyson asks, “How do coaches rectify this major problem and properly develop their goaltenders, while keeping the game fun for everyone?”

Target Practice provides coaches with simple and progressive techniques that allow them to avoid common mistakes and produce good, well-rounded goaltenders. Critics have praised the book, stating, “Target Practice brilliantly addresses some of the biggest problems plaguing minor hockey, offering easy-to-understand, simple-to-implement strategies. Advocating the ethical advancement of children to improve grassroots hockey, Dyson has a three year plan to  positively affect 50,000 goaltenders and coaches. He is truly helping children to love the game, learn life skills, and continue playing longer.”

Visit the Target Practice Initiative website for FREE membership to a library of FREE instructional material provided by goalie coaches from around the globe. Also look for the upcoming online educational system, launching this summer, which will provide minor hockey coaches with a solid understanding and certification in the essential core goaltending skills. Visit for more information and to learn about one of the longest running goalie development programs on the planet.

About Chris Dyson: Chris Dyson is passionate about hockey—in particular, about goaltending. His mission is to change the game from the grassroots up by providing coaches with reliable, proven techniques for keeping the game fun while raising strong goaltenders. Chris has instructed students from 18 countries and seeded Puckstoppers Goalie Schools in Europe, the United States and Canada.

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