Custer Crawford Launches Crawford Industrial Services, LLC.

Published on March 10, 2015

Houston, TX, Mar 8, 2015 – Crawford Industrial Services (CIS), LLC opened the doors on Jan 5th, 2015 in Santa Fe, Texas. Custer Crawford, President / CEO

Crawford Industrial Services, LLC, A premier class turnaround and consultant company focused on highly specialized turnarounds, revamps, scheduled repairs, and emergency repairs for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs), Delayed Coker Units (DCUs), Specialty Welding Services & ASME Code Welding including continued maintenance contracts. CIS supports the Chemical and Refinery Businesses in the Gulf coast region of the United States.

CIS, LLC assists owners, operators, and engineering firms better execute turnaround and revamp and process unit upgrades.

Crawford Industrial Services, LLC has a reputation for safe practices that precedes us on every job. Crawford Industrial Services, LLC has a commitment to safety and is well known throughout the industries we serve. Crawford went on to explain “

“While each refinery, petrochemical and chemical plant is different in personality, design, processes, capacity and end product production, they all have a great deal in common. Our experience at different refineries in the gulf coast has allowed us to use the knowledge gained and apply it to other plants as well. This applied knowledge helps the industry as a whole and has given us, Crawford Industrial Services, LLC. a reputation as the ‘go-to guys’ especially when it comes to FCCU and Coker turnarounds.”

Custer Crawford is no stranger to successfully completing turnarounds safely. Under his leadership their team’s most impressive achievement was set in mid-April of 2011 when 1,200 craft employees completed 1,317,269 work hours with Zero Bureau of Labor Statistics/OSHA Recordable Injuries over a 90 day turnaround. This is equivalent to 500 workers going one year with no recordable injuries! Achieving that milestone was no accident either. The achievement began with pre-mobilization preparation — a four-to-five-day process that includes background screening, respiratory and medical evaluations, substance screening and hair follicle testing. Next was intensive safety training that exceeded 16 hours per person and includes computer-based training (CBT) conducted at the Safety Council of Texas City (SCTC). Zero Injury Safety Leadership Principals were delivered via classroom and CBT training modules for crafts, foremen, superintendents, project managers and safety specialists. The modules explain the roles and responsibilities each individual fulfills in a culture to avoid at-risk behavior where zero injury is the daily outcome.

That record that was set in the most dangerous refinery in the country; the Former BP Texas City plant that was rocked by an explosion that took 15 lives in 2005.

When asked what separates his company from the rest of the turnaround companies Mr. Crawford stated, “We instill safety as a value with our employees and get them to make sure that they understand first of all that we want them to work safe and then we have to give them the tools to work safe, make them part of the big picture, and have them buy in to the plan and that’s the success in working a safe project.”

Part of the winning formula for his team is how they hire employees. In the business today there are different training assessments, NCCER and ABC. As a company, they don’t do the actual craft training but they do assessments to see what level that the craft people are. They orchestrate getting them into NCCER or ABC craft training programs; any of the avenues out there to get them craft certified. Mr. Crawford went on to explain, “As a company, safety is a value that we put out front of what we do and that our people are craft trained. The supervisors… to start with they are supervisors, they are trained and understand safety as a value and that is passed down through our ranks and we have safety meetings daily to reinforce the value. We have different avenues of getting that across and keeping that message out in front of them.”

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