Fine Art Sale Sparks New Show For Wine Lovers

Published on March 10, 2015

Troy and Karen Burns capture La Culture Du Vin (The Culture of Wine) on a fascinating trip through famous French wine country for their new television show for wine lovers and travel enthusiasts.

A recent successful art sale from Atlanta based photographer Karen Burns of didn’t quite end with a celebratory glass of champagne, instead, Karen and her husband Troy took a trip to the Champagne region of France to capture footage for an upcoming television show for wine lovers and travel enthusiasts.

Troy Burns, a wine enthusiast has long admired the beautiful French towns that were built by the vine and realized that each town has unique and interesting stories to tell.

“We love to experience the small French towns and get lost in the culture. We get an idea of which direction we want to go, then put away the map and get lost in the French countryside. It was so amazing as we entered the Marne valley and the little villages that dot the landscape, each with their own flare of La Culture du Vin.” says Troy.

Armed with their cameras and HD video, Karen and Troy capture that experience for their new show. From Champagne to Burgundy and on to the Rhone River valley there is a different story to tell with the blending of old and new and how the centuries old traditions of making wine has created these towns in different ways.

“It is fascinating to see the history of these small towns that have Roman structures built in the 3rd century still standing, monasteries living with wine making monks, and legends of Joan of Ark, famous French kings, all surrounding the art of wine making and how it ties back to America. Those are the kind of images we capture and turn into stories for La Culture Du Vin.” exclaims Burns.

La Culture Du Vin will start with 5-7 episodes digging into the drama and history that happened in these villages over the course of time. Production for these episodes will begin after an initial crowd funding round to help cover the cost of editing all the footage.

Troy, a self taught editor, needs to bring in professional editing help to get these episodes ready for television over the next few months.

“We decided to make our own unique crowd funding platform on our site that has the flexibility to give our donors what they want. Many of the known crowd funding platforms will only pay if the goal is reached and our past effort left donors genuinely disappointed when they didn’t get the art and rewards they had anticipated as the campaign fell slightly short.” said Troy. “This time we have loaded the campaign with a lot of our favorite artwork from Paris and wine country as well as imports from around Europe. We have pottery, linens, chandeliers, hand cut crystal as well as our own art work, which has been collected within the wine community.”

Troy and Karen believe their La Culture Du Vin program will be appreciated in the enthusiastic wine and travel community and are very excited to share the stories of the French wine country in picture and video.

Fans are encouraged to visit the crowd funding page to see some of the gifts available at

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