Cynthia Lindeman Offers Writers Transformative Coaching That Fuels Their Writing Lives

Cynthia Lindeman Offers Writers Transformative Coaching That Fuels Their Writing Lives

Cynthia Lindeman helps writers hone their craft and gives them the tools to uncover the work they were meant to write.

Writing coach Cynthia Lindeman ( works to help her clients suss out their most meaningful works, create time for writing, and develop their talents using unique methods that set her apart.

With the goal of helping her clients – both established and emerging writers – become unstoppable, Lindeman has created a proprietary writing program that helps synthesize seemingly divergent energies into a powerful creative force.

With her book, “The Writer’s Year Workbook + Planner” , being published in 2015, Lindeman’s writing program embraces a multidisciplinary approach toward helping writers reach their creative best.

“They learn to use The Resonance Method, a daily writing ritual I created. It fuses science and soul to leverage the nervous system to dissolve blocks and create dramatic writing breakthroughs,” Lindeman says.  “Through the Time Alchemy Makeover, I create time out of nowhere for them so they have a sustainable daily writing plan that gives awesome writing results and plenty of time for their busy lives.”

Additionally, Lindeman encourages clients to look beyond accolades to tap into their true purpose as writers, unlocking the stories within them that must be told.

“Finding this work often feels like finding an answer to a prayer they didn’t know they had,” Lindeman says. “They learn how to transform their trauma and emotional baggage into something that they can hold proudly and use to fuel their best work. They learn to feel, believe, and know that their shame, disappointment, difficulty, and rough edges – all the things they were taught to hide – is the real workhorse behind the power of their voice.”

Lindeman approaches her work not only as an authority, but also as a fellow writer.
“I know what it feels like to not believe in yourself and I know how it can rob you of meaning, purpose, joy, and even money,” Lindeman says. “I love helping people find easy and impactful ways to move through creative blocks so they can be one-hundred percent on purpose and write what matters.”

Through the coaching process, Lindeman works to develop partnerships with her clients. She brings her expertise, she says, and they provide the hard work to fulfill their potential.

“I bring my experience, principles, techniques, and support but they have to bring the commitment,” Lindeman says. “We’re in this together and I’m a vital part of their writing team.”

In a crowded market, Lindeman says, it’s her approach that sets her services apart.

“I work with writers of all genres so it’s important to know that I don’t focus on craft. There’s a surplus of writing craft education, both online and in the real world,” Lindeman says. “Though my focus is on the inner game, I devote some time to helping writers navigate technical questions relevant to them, like structure or concept development.”

Lindeman’s devotion to her fellow writers is both fueled and enhanced by her own writing life.

“Fundamentally, my business is about helping creative people change themselves so they can change the world, but I don’t just ask them to do this,” Lindeman says. “I’m in the trenches with them, doing everything they are doing in my own writing and life.”

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