Justin Turpin, The Mind Hacker for Entrepreneurs, Launches Program That Helps Overcome Mental Hurdles

Justin Turpin, The Mind Hacker for Entrepreneurs, Launches Program That Helps Overcome Mental Hurdles

Justin Turpin has plans to launch a course entitled Overcoming Self Doubt. The program uses his unique blend of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and neuroscience to help people overcome the common mental hurdle of self-doubt.

Justin Turpin, owner of The Mind Hacker for Entrepreneurs and founder of Brilliant Spark, has announced the launch of an upcoming course called Overcoming Self Doubt, a program designed to help people understand how to tap into their subconscious and overcome the mental hurdles they create that prevent them from finding success. Mr. Turpin’s coaching and video services focus on giving people the tools they need to quickly make changes in the course of their life and work experience.

When asked about the need for such a course, Mr. Turpin said, “Most people feel like they’re lost, that the world is a scary place and they are not in control, kind of like floating in a canoe in the ocean without a paddle. Opening that connection between your conscious mind and subconscious mind gives you the oars you need to move around and the ability to shape the ocean itself.”

Mr. Turpin uses a combination of help hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and neuroscience to tap the subconscious mind, which is the area where real change and learning occur. Whether people are trying to cut back on an addictive habit or poise their mind for business success, Mr. Turpin’s Overcoming Self Doubt can provide the tools necessary to finally overcome the hurdles that are preventing them from finding success.

This focus on the subconscious is unique in the self-help world. Traditional therapists focus on talking about the past and using that to try to change the present. This takes years, and has no emphasis on change or growth. Justin Turpin takes a different stance.

“When I work with my clients, I say, ‘What do you want to change today?’ I focus on what you want to change,” he says. This change of focus allows results to happen in weeks, rather than years with traditional therapy.

In addition to the new program, Turpin has worked as a coach for The Foundation. He also was featured as a coach for Phil MacNevin’s Successful Start School.

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Justin Turpin of www.justinturpin.com offers mind-coaching services to people who are struggling to overcome mental hurdles and reach success. From video-based mentoring to one-on-one coaching, his services are the key to helping clients overcome negative habits and embrace positive ones through mindful changes that tap into the subconscious. Contact Justin at Justin@justinturpin.com.


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