Darcy Schanck’s New Book Hits Top of Amazon Best Seller

Published on January 15, 2016

Darcy Schanck's new book, "Bankers Never Die . . . They Just Lose Interest", has become a Number One Amazon Best Seller. The book covers a wide range of financial topics including mortgages, auto financing and Credit Repair.

Darcy Schanck is a financial investment and mortgage expert living in Mississauga Ontario, who has also earned the honour of being the Number One Best Selling Author of “Bankers Never Die . . . They Just Lose Interest”, a comprehensive look at several financial topics that often pose problems for mortgage seekers and other Credit Ratings & Repair clients. Now, Mr. Schanck’s book has been named Best Seller to the very competitive categories on the Amazon, including but not exclusive to,  Number One in Real Estate – Mortgages, and Number Five in Financial Services overall.

Mr. Schanck works with clients to bring clarity to difficult financial issues and to help them choose the right type of financing for their needs. Also a  specialist in commercial mortgages, Mr. Schanck works with clients who own businesses of all sizes. Now, his book will help everyone to understand the underlying principles of financing, including mortgages, auto loans and other types of borrowing.

“Bankers Never Die . . . They Just Lose Interest” also covers topics such as debt consolidation and establishing credit as well as handling debt successfully. The book, which was published on January 5th 2016 and remarkably became an Amazon Best Seller on January 14th 2016, is available on Amazon for a low introductory price.

Beginning with a comprehensive section on mortgages, including chapters on reverse mortgages, mortgage qualifications and even subprime mortgages, the book continues into other types of loans and also discusses how to establish credit, and when debt counseling may be of value.

“I wanted to help people find simple answers to complex financial questions,” notes Mr. Schanck. “It is important for everyone to understand how to find the right loan for specific needs. Not all financing is appropriate for every occasion, and I wanted this book to discuss the major types of financing and offer insights into how each works. I also wanted the book to serve as a reference for overall financial management in simple, easy-to-understand terms.”

About Darcy Schanck: Darcy Schanck lives in Mississauga Ontario Canada, and has more than 25 years of experience as an independent financial consultant. He specializes in mortgages and other types of commercial financing. Mr. Schanck is the president and CEO of Darcy Schanck Financial and offers investors simple, effective advice on making good financial decisions. For more information, and to contact Mr Schanck see http://darcyschanckfinancial.com/

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