Debera Jensen Of Your Focused Success Gets Your Brain To Race-Car Speed For A New Kind Of Productivity

Published on September 13, 2016

Work does not have to feel like work. High-performance coach Debera Jensen launches a free webinar that teaches how to leave procrastination and self-loathing behind and gain a completely new kind of effortless productivity.

In her webinar, high-performance coach Debera Jensen and owner of Your Focused Success shows how work does not have to be a four-letter word. She teaches how to get more done in less time with less effort. Attendees will learn how to stop procrastination and reach a completely new kind of effortless productivity. This then leads listeners to increased focus, more revenue, and accomplishing more with less stress, all of which equates to more satisfaction and happiness.

“This kind of productivity is entirely different from anything available in past productivity training. How many productivity coaches do you know that have had their own learning centers – and who are teaching productivity from the aspect of both mindset and brain?” Jensen explains.

Jensen has an extensive background in the field of neuroplasticity and she has used her exercises to help professional athletes, as well as people with ADD, to be more efficient.  

The founder and CEO of an alternative learning and health center in Denver, Colorado, Jensen rehabilitated people with ADD, ADHD, closed-head injuries, and many other learning challenges.

In addition to working with those challenges, she became a high-performance coach and applied her ultra-high focusing techniques to a number of professional athletes. With these new techniques, each of these athletes increased their performance to rank among the world’s top ten in their field.

She noticed long before it was generally known, that people’s brains were able to change, make new connections and get better. The term neuroplasticity had not yet gained public attention.

Now, neuroplasticity – the brain’s capability to continually change throughout a lifetime – is coming more into the mainstream, especially after recent news regarding studies of NFL football players. Until recently, it was believed that the brain was hardwired and that one’s overall intelligence was set for life. But now it’s known that the human brain is capable of producing new brain cells and regrouping.

As the researcher, author, and co-founder of, Deane Alban recently pointed out “We’ve learned more about the brain in the past 15 years than in all of the previous history. The understanding of brain plasticity has been hailed as the most important development in neuroscience in the last 400 years.”

Well-known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself, also said “The amount of synaptic changeover in the brain is much greater than we ever dreamed. The brain is far more malleable than we thought. It isn’t infinitely malleable, but far more than we knew.”

Through her client’s positive results in various areas, Jensen realized what a benefit her focusing exercises could be to increase the productivity of people in business. “Small changes can produce huge results. For example, if the exercises I teach can shorten the times in which my world-class athlete clients finish a race, even if only by a few hundredths of a second, that can be the difference between a gold medal and no medal at all.” Jensen continued. Indeed, she found that her business clients got exceptional results as well. She added, “If you want your business to go for the gold, call me.”

Many articles are written regarding the difficulties businesswomen and men face when it comes to getting things done. Famed coach Bill Baren recently stated “Business execs are in need of help. Mankind, in the past five years, has fully lost 70% of its ability to concentrate.” 

Jensen decided to jump into the fray to bring these unique exercises not only to high-level athletes but to entrepreneurs as well.

One of her clients says, “By the time I reached my mid 70’s, I became concerned about my mental focus. I started doing brain games online and my inherent scores slowly improved. Then I asked Debera for help. After working with her, my game scores went up 100 points. Such improvement is supposed to be impossible according to the testing instruments. How amazing is that? I gladly recommend Debera to anyone.”

Jensen’s passion is to help busy, overwhelmed and stressed-out entrepreneurs to free up time and free up their lives, not only to become more productive in their businesses but to have more fun – so that they have more balanced lives.

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