Delroy Gill, Luxury Real Estate Advisor with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on October 11, 2023

Delroy Gill discusses maximizing your real estate business: tips from a luxury agent. 

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Delroy Gill shares a common focus on problem-solving and ensuring a smooth transition for his clients. He firmly believes that his role is to provide effective solutions and assist clients in achieving their goals quickly and seamlessly. Understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of his clients is of utmost importance to him. His strategies involve utilizing home exposure, real-world statistics, and building brand recognition and trust in the marketplace. Ultimately, his main objective is to deliver valuable and reliable service to his clients.

During the episode, Delroy Gill emphasizes the significance of cultivating relationships in the real estate industry. Delroy emphasizes that it is not solely about completing transactions, but rather about establishing and nurturing connections with clients. Delroy Gill places great importance on relationships and asserts that successful real estate agents with referral businesses do not engage in unethical practices. Gill highlights that engaging in bad business practices can lead to negative feedback from previously satisfied clients, ultimately tarnishing an agent’s reputation. Therefore, prioritizing the client’s needs and ensuring their satisfaction is crucial. Building strong relationships is essential for maintaining a positive reputation and generating referral business.

The episode also underscores the importance of genuine care, empathy, and authenticity in establishing strong client relationships. Brad Sugars and Delroy Gill discuss how these qualities have played a significant role in their own experiences within the real estate industry.

Delroy Gill shares his initial approach to real estate, where he focused solely on helping people and providing exceptional service without considering building a database or nurturing relationships. However, as his business grew, he recognized the value of these relationships and how he could better serve his clients.

Delroy explained: “It is rewarding to build very deep connections and personal relationships with those clients. But I definitely did not at that time think I was building a database or a relationship. I was just going through the motions and really just trying to help people. But definitely later on, as I grew it into, a business in quotations at that point, I started to realize I was servicing these people. But now how do I service them better? And now I have this database. What do I do with it? And it came later on.”

About Delroy Gill

Delroy Gill doesn’t just sell homes, he builds relationships. Born and raised in London, England he is no stranger to complex transactions and international relocation, bringing world-class service and out-of-the-box thinking to every detail of your real estate transaction. With a proven track record of multimillion-dollar sales in Denver’s top neighborhoods, nobody works harder to sell your home for the highest possible price in the least amount of time or find the next best property to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

“I love the hustle, the energy, the fast pace,” says Delroy. “I’m here to eliminate confusion and create clarity. I enjoy taking the full burden of what seems to be such a huge task in the eyes of the buyer or seller and making the entire process feel easy and seamless. Educating homeowners and the joy of seeing their smiles after the transaction is what I live for.”

To Delroy, luxury is an experience, not a price point. A proud Denver resident for nearly two decades, his mission is to empower clients to achieve wealth through real estate. In doing so, he has earned a reputation for keeping his clients’ best interests at heart, while drafting offers that stand out in Denver’s competitive marketplace.

“Delroy not only helped us sell our house in less than 24 hours and buy a new home – successfully negotiating every single thing we asked for – he actually helped us with getting contractors to fix a few things in our old house, stagers to design the house for a fast sale, financial adviser, and much more. From the moment we first talked to Delroy, the whole process turned from a stressful mind boggling process, to a fun, amazing experience,” says, Menam Faied.

Delroy’s background in real estate marketing, lead generation tools, and website sales, means he is well-versed in the latest technologies and social media to get your home sold. He takes client service to the next level by leveraging the marketing firepower and resources of the world’s leading luxury real estate brand to attract savvy buyers and investors worldwide. This includes unmatched exposure, custom-tailored marketing plans, flawless staging, professional photography, and innovative strategies that launch your property like a product on the world stage.

A dedicated family man, Delroy is happily married with three children and enjoys staying active in his kids’ schools. When he is not out selling homes or participating in motivational videos and public speaking engagements, Delroy can be found working out, driving fast cars, or cooking a gourmet meal – he is the self-proclaimed jerk chicken king. Delroy is also passionate about giving back and sets personal giving goals each year.

If you are looking to make a move, consider Delroy as your resource for all things Denver real estate. He executes tough negotiations with ease, makes himself available at all times, goes the extra mile to earn his client’s trust, and is ready to put his drive and determination to work for you.

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