Dr. Daniel Gonzalez Discusses Pain at the Office in Recent Interview

Published on May 10, 2016

Austin chiropractor Daniel Gonzalez discusses this common problem in an interview with Business Innovators Magazine.

Daniel Gonzalez, DC, operates Family Health Chiropractic in the Austin, Texas, area. Frequent complaints among the families he treats have to do with back problems blamed on long hours sitting and working at the office. He discussed this recently in an interview with Business Innovators Magazine. 

Dr. Gonzalez says there are two primary reasons sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain: abnormal alignment of the spine and abnormal movement. When sitting, the discs of the spine have to tolerate 300 to 400 pounds more pressure than is the case when standing. He pointed out that today we know the spine generates information the brain needs in order to drive communication back out to the body. Sitting interferes with this system and causes spinal miss-communication. One approach which can be taken and is found to be effective for many people is using a standing work station. If that is not practical or possible, Dr. Gonzalez advises sitting in a braced or neutral positon. Some feel using exercise balls or physio balls to force better posture will help the back. Dr. Gonzalez does not feel there is reliable evidence indicating balance balls actually help.

“If possible, transitioning to a standing workstation is the best advice I can give. Studies are currently finding that standing work stations result in increased caloric expenditure, improved circulation throughout the body and increased productivity,” said Dr. Gonzalez. He believes optimizing movement, diet and nutrition will put the body in a position of healing. All the services offered by Family Health Chiropractic are designed to help patients move better, eat healthy and find happiness.

Family Health Chiropractic specializes in sports and chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, massage and nutrition counseling. For information, go to www.familyhealthchiropractic.com.

To read the complete interview with Dr. Gonzalez, see http://businessinnovatorsmagazine.com/dr-daniel-gonzalez-on-back-pain-at-the-work-place/.

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