Lisa Povlow of Weichert Realtors Selected For Bucks County Real Estate Trendsetters Book

Published on May 10, 2016

Set for release in late Spring, "Bucks County Real Estate Trendsetters" features interviews with top producing realtors from the area and covers topics aimed to help consumers better understand the components of a real estate transaction.

As a recognized leader in Bucks County real estate sales, Associate Broker Lisa Povlow of Weichert Realtors in Doylestown was selected by Grand Slam Marketing to participate in the upcoming Bucks County Real Estate Trendsetters book.  

Set to be released in late spring of 2016 on Amazon, the book will feature interviews with ten of the areas top realtors, each discussing a different segment of a real estate transaction.  From topics which include “Preparing Your Home For Sale” to “Understanding The Agreement Of Sale,”  the book is designed to help consumers better understand the process and sequence of events when buying and selling a home. 

In her interview on the subject of “Making A Strong Offer,” Lisa discusses how important it is for buyers to really inspect prospective homes, taking in as much detail as possible, and the importance of requesting the seller’s disclosure, in which by law the seller has to disclose everything they know about the property. She explains that the condition of the house and considerations for any needed repairs will ultimately affect the structure of an offer. 

Additionally, Ms. Povlow goes over common misconceptions and mistakes made by potential buyers when preparing an offer.  She states, all too often buyers think that they are in control of the market, which is not necessarily true, depending on a number or factors. Lisa warns buyers to not be overconfident that there will be no other strong offers when repair issues exist within a home. In failing to see the big picture, many buyers open themselves up to losing the home and for this reason, Lisa often asks her clients how they will feel if they lose the home so that she can act and react to issues that arise. Other common mistakes include potentially offending a seller by making an offer that is too low, therefore losing a counteroffer, and waiting too long to make an offer as this allows other potential buyers to put in a bid thus weakening negotiations.

Lisa attributes much of her success to strong communication skills, and believes that great communication between all parties involved is vital to a smooth and successful transaction. In doing business, Lisa has personally witnessed buyers walk away after spending thousands of dollars on home inspections, without first trying to negotiate, only to come back weeks later after not being able to find another home they liked as much as the first. The lack of communication cost them not only time, but additional money when they did come back as there was another offer on the table. This could have been avoided had they asked for considerations at the time of the inspection.

To learn more, listen to Lisa’s complete interview on Business Innovators Magazine. Lisa may be reached for questions and additional information through her contact information below.






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