Dr. David Lee Appears On Chicago Radio to Reveal His Keys to Happiness

Published on March 17, 2016

Renowned authority and author of "The Happiness Handbook" was interviewed by Chicago's Remarkable Radio Show to share his 40+ years of knowledge gained from helping people live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Santa Monica, CA – Apart from being the expert when it comes to bringing happiness and peace of mind to people everywhere, the professional and dedicated Dr. David Lee appeared as a Guest Expert on Remarkable Radio, broadcasting from Chicago. Lee appeared to speak about his many year of helping other people and to discuss his book “The Happiness Handbook”.

Dr. Lee started out as a design engineer and spent over 20 years designing satellites and aerospace equipment, including the rocket engine that landed our astronauts on the moon.  Lee then went on to become a licensed psychotherapist with an office in Beverly Hills, helping clients to a better life for more than 40 years.  Lee brings a unique way to improve peoples’ lives that is both fast and effective. Remarkable Radio asked Lee to share his unique methods and expertise with their listeners.

Lee touches the lives of people all over the world by delivering smiles, once-a-day through his website, www.TrueFortunes.com, and through his book titled “The Happiness Handbook” that can also be downloaded from his website or from Amazon.com.

When asked what motivates him to help people, Lee pointed to personal experience. “Everyone else in my immediate family was miserable, and some were self-destructive enough to be committed.” Lee continued, “Somehow, from the very beginning, I knew that I did not have to be like the others, despite my bad training and my bad genes. I have spent my entire life learning how to be happy and productive, and want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. It is possible for anyone to vastly improve their life, anyone who really wants to. I have a burning desire to help people achieve their dreams.

In the interview, Lee discussed how anyone can feel better, enjoy their life, have richer and more satisfying relationships and achieve what they want in their life.

Lee then discussed his book titled “The Happiness Handbook”, available on Amazon.com and his website, which has around 20 chapters that are each devoted to a particular aspect of happiness. Lee revealed that the book contains deep insights from his 40 years as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Many of the chapters include a 10 minute downloadable recording that folks can listen to repeatedly, resulting in a gradual retraining of their mind for happiness and fulfillment.

“Dr. Lee has a refreshing approach to happiness and I’m thrilled to have him share it with our listeners,” said Mark Imperial, host of Remarkable Radio. “We have absolutely got a lot to talk about his book, written from his many years as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.”

Remarkable Radio is a popular radio show spotlighting noteworthy people and experts that the world should know, airing weekly in the Midwest and streamed live on the web to the world.

Although Lee only works personally with a handful of private clients, his passion is to help people worldwide through his website, and his followers who discover him are thrilled.

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For more information about Dr. David Lee, his book, or to receive his FREE daily happiness messages, visit his website at www.TrueFortunes.com .

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