Dr. Mark Niemchak Announces New Wellness Program in Raleigh

Published on May 23, 2015

Dr. Mark Niemchak, DC, PA announces a new Raleigh-based wellness program at his center, Ideal Lifestyle Advocates. This program uses cutting-edge methods for weight loss, pain relief, stress reduction, and living a healthy lifestyle.

The new program, which launched in spring 2015, is designed to educate individuals and families how they can live a “Happy, Healthy, Whole” lifestyle in a way that enhances their lives, rather than takes away from it.

While some programs designed specifically for weight loss, fitness, or pain relief address symptoms, Niemchak’s new program takes into account the person as a whole.  This includes lifestyle, career, nutrition, and emotional health.

“A balanced, healthy life is a recipe,” says Dr. Niemchak.  “There is no magic ingredient.  No amount of fitness, weight loss, or drug can correct the ill health caused bu not living within your recipe.”

The wellness center, Ideal Lifestyle Advocates, focuses on three components in a person’s health: nutrition, movement, and emotion.  By integrating these three areas of a person’s life, they support one another to raise the quality of life.

Another unique factor in Niemchak’s program is that Ideal Lifestyle Advocates caters to families.  By working with children and teens along with their parents, lifestyle choices become more sustainable and healthy habits become a family activity.

Dr. Niemchak’s executive team is rounded out with his son, Mike Niemchak, who heads the physical movement program; and Judi McCormick, a massage therapist and office manager.

For information on Dr. Mark Niemchak’s program and Ideal Lifestyle Advocates, visit www.ideallifestyleadvocates.com.

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