Matt Finch, Opiate Recovery Expert, Announces Upcoming Book About Overcoming Addiction

Published on May 21, 2015

Matt Finch, Strategic Intervention Coach and Opiate Recovery Expert, announces his new book to help people who suffer from opiate addiction to achieve lasting recovery and live a normal life.

This new book, which is scheduled for release in the late summer 2015, will detail Finch’s battle with drug addiction, and cover the steps he took to successfully return to living a healthy and productive life.

“Finally, opiate-dependent individuals around the world are going to have access to some cutting-edge strategies for getting clean and living fulfilled lives, free of addiction,” he says.

Finch spent over a decade addicted to drugs including marijuana, heroin, and prescription medications.  After several failed attempts to get off the drugs using conventional methods, he came across alternative treatments that allowed him to reduce, and soon after, eliminate his dependence.

The new book takes Finch’s unconventional approach to addiction recovery.  Traditional treatments often involve prescription medications, counseling, and ongoing, life-long attendance to support groups.  This new book explains the three keys that an individual can make, and how to be self-reliant and independent of drugs.  By combining natural supplements, workout, personal development, and neuro-linguistic technologies, Finch was able to return to a normal lifestyle within a few months.

Finch also runs a blog dedicated to supporting people who want to recover from opiate addiction at   His blog, which reaches over 30,000 subscribers monthly, offers natural remedies and information to help addicts.




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