Dr. Michael J. Berlin Owner of The Family Wellness Center, Interviewed on Selecting the Best Chiropractor in Plainview, NY

Published on January 25, 2018

In this inspiring interview, listeners will learn a great deal about Dr. Michael J. Berlin, his commitment to wellness and holistic healing, and how he has adjusted in his own business to meet certain trends or growing needs for his clients.

Dr. Berlin stated that the center of disease control said that stress-related issues are the primary reason people visit doctors, accounting for approximately 93 percent of all doctor office visits, so he has devoted one of his office protocols to help people reverse the effects of stress (what it does to their bodies and their lives). The second need his office focuses on addressing is the weight problem among his clients. Obesity is an epidemic in America and around the world. Dr. Berlin understands this huge need in the market and seeks to address it with all natural and holistic nutrition and weight loss services to help reverse this problem forever.

Dr. Berlin has a belief that “nature needs no help, it just needs no interference.” He goes on to explain that humans are born healthy miracles. But that the stressors (physical, chemical, and emotional) interfere with people’s natural expressions of health. Once these stressors are removed the body can begin to heal itself.

Dr. Berlin has been called a gifted healer in the chiropractic field and is a widely respected speaker and educator. He has worked as a wellness coach for thousands of people and was part of a group of chiropractors who worked at Ground Zero offering support to the firefighters and police to help them remain healthy as they went about their important work.

Dr. Berlin practices Network Chiropractic out of Plainview and has partnered with Dr. Rabinowitz. Together, the two of them have devoted their lives to helping families remove stress from their lives so their bodies can heal, and patients can live the Miracle that they are.

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