Dr. Michael and Lois Posner’s New Book, Well-Adjusted Hits No. 1 International Best Seller on Amazon

Published on March 5, 2018

Well-Adjusted: A Journey of Transformation for Body, Mind, and Spirit recently was released by Dr. Michael Posner, DC, and co-author Lois Posner, RN, LMT. The book, Well-Adjusted reached the No. 1 rank in several healing categories.

Dr. Michael Posner, DC with co-author Lois Posner, RN, LMT released a new book, Well-Adjusted: A Journey of Transformation for Body, Mind, and Spirit recently. Recently, Well-Adjusted reached the No. 1 rank in several healing categories tracked by the retailer Amazon including: Alternative Medicine, Massage, Alternative and Holistic, Mind Body Medicine, Medical Atlases, Chiropractic, and Physician and Patient Diagnosis. Well-Adjusted was named an Amazon No. 1 International Bestseller and a hot new release on Amazon.

The Gift Within the Book Well Adjusted

Dr. Posner is very passionate about his reasons for writing the book. According to Dr. Michael Posner, “There was a time for me when I was severely lacking in all these areas of my being. My apparent limitations first began to change when I was introduced to chiropractic care. Chiropractic served as the springboard from which I attracted ever-increasing awareness and health benefits from countless books, teachers, seminars, and workshops, along with numerous wholistic health practices. Among these are massage, acupuncture, nutrition, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Karate, metaphysical and spiritual teachings as well as various meditation and self-healing techniques. While I learned many different techniques, the quickest and most profound self-healing results came from my studies of the Universal Healing Tao System as originated and taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia.”

He shared, “I have woven the story of my own personal defeats, struggles and victories throughout this book and have included the experiences of my loved ones and patients, with the hope that you might be inspired to pursue your own unique health quest. If you stay the course, it can be an exciting journey that will lead you to the expansion of greater levels of health, higher planes of consciousness and even on to the unfolding of the magnificent Divine Plan and destiny that awaits your individual life stream.”

Meet Dr. Michael Posner, DC

Dr. Michael Posner is well known as a gifted healer. Because of his many years of training in meditation, yoga and as a black belt in the martial arts as well as his mastery of Tai Chi – Chi Kung, he developed a profound level of sensitivity in his hands. He constantly amazes his patients with his ability to magnetize immediately to the problem areas in his patient’s body and he then delivers a gentle precise adjustment to the problem areas removing their blockages. His chiropractic practice is based in Huntington, NY.

Dr. Posner’s primary goals are to get his patients out of pain fast and restore them to their normal daily activities, back to doing the things they love. He is dedicated to teaching his patients how to harmonize their emotions, quiet their minds and return to their attunement within, through deep breathing, Chi Kung and meditation practices. This helps to align body, mind and spirit, thereby producing vibrant health and wellbeing to last a lifetime.

 Dr. Michael Posner writes: “My personal experience has shown me countless times over, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ You have resonated with this book because you are now ready to open your heart and mind to embark upon a profound journey that can result in the transformation of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

Lois Posner, RN, LMT shares, “As a child, I suffered from immune system disorders and chronic bronchitis that resulted from my battle with severe childhood asthma. Back then, inhalers weren’t invented and I was known by name at the local emergency room after having several near-death experiences. Back in 1980, when I met Michael, I was practicing as a head nurse on a respiratory unit and was deeply steeped in the standards of medical care and practices which had saved my life. Michael was determined to open my mind to the multifaceted complimentary, alternative ways of self-healing that he knew would help me. Despite my ignorance and enormous resistance to Chiropractic care, to changing my beliefs, my diet and my sedentary lifestyle, I am eternally grateful for his passionate and relentless perseverance that catalyzed my journey into the realms of natural healthcare, Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and numerous personal inner growth practices which resulted in the supreme health, balance and wellbeing which I enjoy to this day and the benefits that continue to unfold and deepen with my continued practice. Numerous others have also benefitted, as I became an active proponent, teacher and coach for chiropractic and preventative self-care.”

Well-Adjusted: A Journey of Transformation for Body, Mind and Spirit can be purchased online via Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Well-Adjusted-Journey-Transformation-Spirit-ebook/dp/B079K7F86Y

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