Scott Minson and Darcy Phillipps Launch New Online Dog Training University

Published on March 6, 2018

Thursday, March 1st marked the launch of Dog Training University. The university is the brainchild of master dog trainers Scott Minson and Darcy Phillipps. The training filled online platform contains the most time-tested and proven K9 training programs and teaching methods ever assembled.

Master K9 trainers Scott Minson and his training partner Darcy Phillipps of Dog 2 Dog launched the first of many programs on their new training resource site for dog owners.

“There is so much inaccurate and incomplete information about the proper training of our furry friends that I felt compelled to share my life long experience with the world.  Our goal is to help everyone live more joyfully with their dogs.” stated Minson.

As part of their launch, Minson and Phillips are offering their “Potty Training Manual” for just $1 and they are selling their beginning and advanced potty training videos at a 75% discount on their new site.

Another part of their mission is to help dog owners live joyfully with their dog by offering free training and nutrition advice on their Facebook page.  The duo has also assembled a team of professionals to aid dog owners in navigating the K9 worlds of nutrition, proper play habits, and great ways to work with veterinarians.

Phillipps says, “Every day we come into contact with loving pet owners who have been given so much bad advice on dog training and K9 nutrition that we really wanted to help more people become better informed.” 

For more information go to or call 801-916-4221.       

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