Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel Offers One of a Kind HACCP Meat and Poultry Producer Course

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel Offers One of a Kind HACCP Meat and Poultry Producer Course

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel announced a unique, new International HACCP Meat and Poultry Producers course today. Business planning and how to apply for a USDA grant of inspection, things other food safety courses do not offer, are included.

Cumberland, Maine  – During the two and a half day course, Phannenstiel teaches how to integrate the hazard planning process with overall business planning. The emphasis is on business applicability of assets and practical knowledge of how to make HACCP work in any facility.

“It’s all about how to make your business better: run more efficiently, be more profitable, and have a greater culture of food safety using the HACCP planning process,” explains Pfannenstiel. Taught differently than a typical HACCP for Meat and Poultry Producers course, Pfannenstiel walks through the steps of HACCP, how to apply them to an individual business and have them work within that business.

The President of Maine-based Dirigo Quality Meats, Pfannenstiel is an accredited trainer for the International HACCP Alliance. The course is recognized by and a requirement for USDA regulated meat and poultry production.

Another unique component to Pfannenstiel’s course includes going over the actual application process including the documents required by the USDA to apply for a grant of inspection. “This is something nobody else is doing,” stated Pfannenstiel.

Participants who complete the course receive a certificate with a seal from the International HACCP Alliance. It states they participated in a Meat and Poultry HACCP course, which is good for USDA processing plants and a requirement of all new meat processing plants.

The HACCP for Meat and Poultry Producers course can be held at a place of business as employee training. Pfannenstiel teaches all over the country.

Upcoming courses are available to the general public and include:

Portland, ME at The Hilton Garden Inn at the Portland Airport. Includes continental breakfast. Cost is $350 per person. August 15-17

Middlebury, VT at the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center. October 3-5. Inquire for details.

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel is a Veteran of the US Army and founder of Dirigo Quality Meats. DQM provides consultancy services to producers and processors to create safe, wholesome foods through training, audits and validation studies on HACCP plants.

Visit http://vcita.com/v/dirigoqualitymeats for more information.

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