Dr. Cynthia Gardner, Author of Castaway Cradles, Featured as Small Business Trendsetter

Dr. Cynthia Gardner, Author of Castaway Cradles, Featured as Small Business Trendsetter

Retired criminal attorney and author of Castaway Cradles, Dr. Cynthia Gardner, was recently featured in Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. She discusses the Kings Kid Youth Boot Camp program and her work helping children.

Dr. Cynthia Gardner is a retired criminal attorney, and is currently the Founder and Presiding Prelate of New Mercy Seat Ministries, Inc. in Carthage, MS. Her soon to be released book, God, Grace and Grit, is based on her experiences as an adult who looks back on the child she was growing up. She acquired life tools during those times and she discusses how she uses those tools to train and help children now.

She shares, “It’s basically the Genesis creationism story we are created out of the dust of the earth and what happens when you take that dust and reprogram it as other than dirt. If you look at children from another angle, you might see the next president or Nobel Prize winner. Everything is possible. It just depends on what lens you’re looking through.”

Dr. Gardner has been an attorney in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California, and has concurrently pastored full time helping children throughout those years. Her current work at Greater Love and New Mercy Seat Ministries continues her lifelong passion for helping those who are in dire straits. During her experiences as Dependent Child Counsel in Pennsylvania, she learned firsthand of the plight of many children.

According to Gardner, “I found that there are a lot of damaged kids out there, abused and neglected. There are also delinquent children, who are nothing more or less than the product of the abysmal lifestyles they are subjected to. I said there just has to be a way to rescue these kids. They are not responsible for who they are or where they are. They just need someone to show them a different angle on life.”

Over the years, Gardner has personally helped many children realize their dreams of becoming attorneys, doctors, psychologists and other successful endeavors. She contacts, follows, coaches them and their accomplishments are a testament to the success of her programs. She has shown that it is possible to make a positive impact on others’ lives, even when their situation appears to be hopeless.

The New Mercy Seat Ministries has many programs, including Kings Kid Youth Boot Camp, which helps youth who need a boost in life. These children participate in programs throughout the school year and during the summer and other school breaks.

To learn more about Dr. Cynthia Gardner and Kings Kids, visit: http://newmercyseatministries.com.

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