Dustin Hahn Saves Disillusioned Real Estate Investors With His Tax Deed Strategy

Published on October 6, 2016

Here’s the inside scoop: Dustin Hahn has paired his experience with his business partner Dutch’s knowledge, to create The Tax Lien Certificate School (Soon to be 2Vest).

Together with their team they have attended over 20 auctions in the past year and accomplished something in the Investing industry that neither has seen or done anywhere else: They’ve invested in markets that they had no prior knowledge about, and within a month had students successfully buying property with them at under 50% of the market value.

Collaboration is one of the things that Dustin, Dutch, and their team pride themselves on – their students have been side by side with his team at every auction they’ve attended, learning the steps they’ve taken to really master real estate investing in new markets.

In the past, Dustin found that aspiring investors were (and still are) very cautious to take the next step of the real estate investing journey – actually getting out, finding properties, visiting them, and determining if they were bad, good or great deals.

They were worried about how difficult it was to start investing in real estate – all the confusion strategies of wholesaling, flipping, rehabbing, dealing with contractors, and what Dustin calls, “The Wild Card Variables”.

This stumbling block formed a heavy resistance in people’s viewpoint of Real Estate and how successful they could be with it, in their own lives.

But Dustin knew that this was simply a false belief.

He knew that he had the experience, and actual proof that real estate investing is still alive, and stronger than ever – AND he knew that if you can get properties at a great enough price, you can recession proof yourself from any real estate crash.

Brad Norman, a student of Dustin’s, formally from the UK, had this to say about the current market and the success he’s had:

“I’m originally from London, Now I live in Canada, I invest in the US Real Estate Market. Using The Advanced Tax Deed strategies, I’ve purchased approximately 2.9 million worth of assets in the US, using $235,000 dollars… I’m also building a passive income stream through property, commercial and residential!”

Dustin has been involved with Real Estate investing, specifically Tax Liens & Deeds for almost 13 years now, and teaching for over 10 of those years, helping people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and beyond.

Dustin and his team use Tax Lien & Deed investing, and his live auction training trips to proudly teach people, and arm them with the tools and strategies they need to break through their negative mindsets and find the path to real estate success.

He also teaches how to Recession-Proof the purchase of real estate, so when the next crash comes, his investments, alongside the students, have enough equity in them to continue bringing in positive cash flow.

To learn more about investing in the Real Estate market, and how Tax Liens & Deeds are the simplest way to start in the industry, check out this free training guide by clicking right here.

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