Eminent Entrepreneur and Thought Leader Rachel Braun Scherl’s Book Orgasmic Leadership becomes an International Bestseller on Amazon

Published on August 28, 2018

Rachel Braun Scherl, a distinguished growth strategy consultant, marketing expert and sought-after public speaker, is steadily making her mark as an author. Her recently released book, titled Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women's Sexual Health and Wellness, is now an Amazon #1 international bestseller.

Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness has made rapid strides since its publication and has emerged as an international best seller on Amazon.  An authority on leadership and entrepreneurship, Rachel has successfully launched, built and revitalized companies around the globe for over two decades.

Orgasmic Leadership provides unique perspectives on leadership and business building, and the money that can be made by capitalizing on market opportunities.  It highlights the factors that drive, inspire, and sustain entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing global women’s sexual health and wellness space. Orgasmic Leadership reflects a wellspring of deep personal experience in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, women’s health as well as in-depth interviews with pioneering leaders in the sexual wellness field,” the author said.   

Throughout this book, Rachel addresses general business issues as well as questions specific to the complexity of women’s health needs and satisfaction delivered with a strategic business focus, insight, humor, and passion. Throughout, Rachel exposes the complex barriers and challenges in building businesses and barriers that often restrict the optimal commercialization of women’s health products and services.

“Rachel Braun Scherl combines her sharp wit and storytelling aptitude with profound insights into both women’s health and entrepreneurship. Her writing is highly accessible, entertaining and instructive. The business leaders and businesses profiled are inspiring. I now appreciate the true grit required to make it in this most challenging industry. The lessons conveyed are applicable to anyone starting out in business or mired in obstacles that are beyond one’s control,” mentions a highly impressed reader.

Rachel graduated from Duke University magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and received her MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  As the Managing Partner, Co-founder and Chief Vagipreneur® of SPARK Solutions for Growth, Rachel advises businesses on strategic growth, partnerships, product development, fundraising and revenue growth.  Her international client base includes renowned organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Pfizer, Merck, Bayer, Church & Dwight as well as many venture-backed female health startups.  Rachel is a popular speaker at leading companies, conferences as well as leadership and entrepreneurship events at colleges and universities.

More about Rachel Braun Scherl can be found at http://www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com/

Rachel’s book Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness is now available in Kindle and Paperback versions in Amazon.com.  

About the Author: Respected entrepreneur and thought leader, Rachel Braun Scherl brings passion and commitment to all of her endeavors. She has successfully launched, built and revitalized companies around the globe, based on the belief that sustainable, profitable growth starts with a sound strategy and is continually driven forward by deep understanding of customers. As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of SPARK, she has led global consulting engagements with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Bayer, Church & Dwight, and Pfizer, among others. She has also counselled numerous startups, with an emphasis on female health – focusing on insights, customer acquisition, customer lifetime value and retention.

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