Empowering Women In Business… How To Get Things Done

Published on November 18, 2019

Empowered StarBoss™ LLC's mission is to empower women entrepreneurs with the business knowledge and skills for gaining quicker results now for achieving increased growth, expansion, and profits in her business.

The company empowers women entrepreneurs on how they can develop the structure, style, strategy, and clarity she needs to scale their business at any level they wants. The company provides women with the ability to get things done quickly for growing their high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business. Owner Livia Jenvey believes wholeheartedly when women are empowered as business owners, communities abundantly thrive.  

Livia comes from a background of 20+ years in the business world, working in both the entrepreneur and corporate arenas. Her corporate consulting experience includes working for various large US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational growth and profits.  She has spent the last decade coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals in empowering their lives to earn more money. 

Coming from a corporate background, where the company’s founder helped large corporations grow using measurable and objective based strategies. Livia’s unique approach helps women develop a growth strategy plan for having a high-earning, enjoyable, long-lasting business.  She teaches women how to use a combination of corporate business best practices, with holistic, soulful, heart-based women-centered practices for empowering women in how they can get things done quickly and can easily scale their company to be at any level they choose.

When growing a business, it’s common to face challenges. Yet when things like financial concerns, setbacks, or even mental obstacles occur, it can literally feel like energy vampires are attacking you. This stops most women when they are trying to move forward while feeling weak, exhausted, and tired because being in this state for too long can kill your business. 

Well, a quick and easy way to help stop these obstacles from stopping  you from achieving your goals. Is to empower yourself with a solid business growth strategy plan. To run a high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business, creating multiple revenue streams is highly advantageous. Yet, how on earth do you figure out which one to create when you have a ton of different ideas running around in your head?

It all comes down to what business strategy plan you have for your company. Livia helps women form a business strategy plan, so they know the end results of what their business will become and the key steps they will use to get them there. She helps women define the actions to take each day for achieving the best end results.

Currently the services provided are an outlier in the marketplace in the area of women’s empowerment and business coaching.  Most women empowerment is focused more on holistic practices. As well as most business coaching is more focused on business practices.  Competitive advantage is the combination of these two practices taught by a woman business coach to women business owners.  This provides women a bridge between holistic women empowerment & effective business strategies for growing quickly and easily high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable women-owned businesses.

She has unique services such as Guided Meditations for Business Bliss. Online group coaching for Amplifying Your Power for retaking back control in order to pull off massive Girl Boss business success.  As well as one-to-one coaching for empowering Women on how to quickly ignite her Unique Empowered Women  Strengths for achieving increased profits with ease in her business. 

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