Energy Expert Mikhail Skachko Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on January 23, 2015

Energy Expert, Mikhail Skachko, recently reached three Amazon Best Seller Lists with his new book, Mikhail Skachko – Choice of Power: Putting True Costs of Energy in the Hands of Consumers.

The new book, “Mikhail Skachko – Choice of Power: Putting True Costs of Energy in the Hands of Consumers,” written by Mikhail Skachko, a highly successful energy expert, recently reached three Amazon Best Seller Lists. The book reached No. 1 in the ‘Oil & Energery’ and ‘Reference’ categories, and No. 2 in the ‘Education and Reference’ category in the Amazon Kindle store.

In this book, Skachko shares how he has spent the last few years helping businesses save money on their energy utility bills. He discusses how he came to become the expert he is in this important industry.

In today’s culture, energy is one of those things few can do without. Just imagine having no electricity or gas to power our techie toys, provide heat or cool, or provide entertainment. This electricity and gas come at a cost no one can avoid paying each month.

Skachko started his career in the energy industry working with energy companies, selling to businesses. Over time, he learned that often businesses were misled about their actual monthly costs by unwitting salespeople. There are many intricacies about energy usage which can impact the final cost every month, depending on the energy supplier and pricing which a business picks.

As an energy broker, Skachko works on behalf of the commercial client and not the energy supplier, so he has a strong interest in looking out for his clients’ best interests. The knowledge and expertise he has acquired allow him to do that very well.

Over time, Skachko learned the ins and outs of saving money that are often hidden or unknown to commercial customers. He is a highly ethical energy broker and believes in full transparency from the energy companies about the costs and fees involved. Skachko has won the Distinction of Excellence Award from the Better Business Bureau for three years.

As a result, he has created a patent pending mobile app which will allow consumers to research their best options for their specific energy usage, helping to choose wisely and save money every month.

According to Skachko, “What we did with the app is we have made it transparent. When you download it and you type in your zip code and you look at the power option for you, you have the buckets outlined. You will have the 500 kWh bucket, you will have the 1000 kWh bucket, and you will have the 2000 kWh bucket. If there’s a monthly service charge, you will have it. We made it very transparent.

And we made it our mission statement to tell suppliers when you give us these plans, they have to be exactly what you say they are. You have to put your best foot forward and then the consumer’s the one that chooses who they want to go with. So these suppliers are actually forced to compete on the same level. And at the end of the day, the consumer wins.”

This mobile app is available for use on an iPhone or an Android and can be downloaded from

Skachko believes strongly that the average consumer needs resources such as this app in order to make an informed decision that’s in their best interest. He is now able to help not only commercial customers, but all energy users save money on their energy bills.

Skachko’s new book is available in the Amazon Kindle store at

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