EquityBuild Leverages “The Power of Numbers” for Investors Seeking Passive Income

Published on April 20, 2015

Wealth preservation is a term that most people don’t hear on a daily basis, but real estate investor Shaun Cohen and his company EquityBuild aim to change that for the average consumer.

Cohen says, “There is no better way to preserve and grow your wealth than investing in multi-family housing. The problem is this can be a lot of work for the average investor. Our mission is to allow the everyday person the opportunity to own turn-key real estate without any specialized knowledge or training.”

According to the United States Census Bureau data, home ownership among millennials is on the decline. It isn’t just millennials who are opting out of home ownerships over renting. An increasing number of baby boomers are downsizing their homes to prepare for retirement and save money.

Cohen adds, “It just makes sense to invest in multi-family apartments, you will never have a 100% vacancy and we can have these investments generating incredibly high cash-on-cash returns in short order. We take all of the guesswork out of the equation and leverage the power of numbers to get our hands on the best deals on the market.”

Jennifer from Las Vegas says about EquityBuild: “My husband and I had always invested with mutual funds and were not getting the returns we needed to plan our retirement. We had never invested in real estate before and needed some help and didn’t know where to start. My husband found EquityBuild and this has been the best return for us – it’s taking us to our retirement goals and we’re very excited to now share this with our children.”

About EquityBuild:

EquityBuild provides individuals and institutions multiple paths toward enduring wealth and financial security. EquityBuild direct investments provide upfront cash flow and consistent double-digit returns. EquityBuild’s real estate investing expertise reduces risk, saves time and maximizes capital. The EquityBuild econometric model enables investors to make maximum profit while also doing tangible social good by offering comfortable homes and offices in economically challenged areas.

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