Former CNN Anchor & High Performance Speech Coach, Sharon Frame, Wows Emory University

Published on April 17, 2015

[Atlanta, GA. April 8, 2015] Do Something Different! That was the gauntlet Former CNN Anchor, Sharon Frame threw down at Emory University in Atlanta.

Sharon Frame the high performance coach challenged employees and students with Emory’s Toastmasters’ Club to step out of their comfort zones and be more daring.

Frames speech offered a three pronged approach to living a more thrilling and meaningful life. She first urged audience members to:

  • Do something different.

It could be as easy as switching up mundane routines, like that daily drive into the office. Why not take a new, unfamiliar route, Frame suggested. “That way you engage your brain instead of living on auto-pilot. According to some experts, our subconscious makes up as much as 92-percent of the brain. That leaves only eight percent for our conscious mind. So we must take charge of our thoughts and actions.”

Changing routines forces us to consciously think, be deliberate and not leave our lives or our success up to chance. Frame then urged her listeners to:

  • Do something difficult.

“We grow more,” she said, “when we push ourselves to do tough, seemingly impossible tasks well outside our skills set. We discover untapped internal strength and personal power when we challenge ourselves to “do the difficult.”

Once you “Do something different” and “Do something difficult,” Frame gave the crowd one final dare;

  • Do something Delightful.

It’s a bit of a reward to accomplishing the first two dares. Just the thought of doing something delightful can thrill the soul, Frame explained. “Even if it’s as simple as treating yourself to a scoop of your favorite ice cream for finishing that dreaded business report on time. Rewards, no matter how small, motivate us to do more.”

So, if you want to live life on a more gratifying level and to continue to grow, Frame reiterated: “Do something different, do something difficult. Then reward yourself for stepping out of the ordinary by doing something delightful. You deserve it.”

Sharon Frame is a High Performance Coach, Former CNN Anchor/Writer, Author, Award-Winning Empowerment Speaker. 

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