Eric Thomas, Speaker to Fortune 500 Companies & The NFL, Inspires Listeners to Take Action and Stop Losing

Published on January 19, 2016

Eric Thomas recently brought a standing-room-only crowd to its feet with an inspiring message: to take action and stop losing. Thomas spoke at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel on November 14, 2015 as part of a multi-city tour.

“There is a level of creativity that only happens when you are tired!” Those words echoed throughout the Omni Los Angeles Hotel on November 14, 2015, as author, mentor and preacher Eric Thomas spoke to a sold-out crowd. Thomas, affectionately known as “The Hip Hop Preacher” who has already gained national prominence, urged his audience to take action and to stop losing. His message of action centered around being tired of losing and taking steps to stop.

Thomas had the standing-room-only crowd cheering as he urged them to stop making excuses and to make adjustments instead. In fact, his entire presentation focused on taking stock and making decisions that will fuel dreams and goals. According to Thomas, change can only come when people get tired of losing, and he asked his audience to take stock of their lives and ask themselves challenging questions. He painted a vivid picture of a vision board with notes that list an individual’s goals, and he asked what good it does for that individual if the goals remain on the board and are never realized?

Thomas focused on assessing lives and getting to the core of what makes things happen. He urged listeners to focus on their standards and values and said, “When your values meet your dreams, nothing can stop you.” He also emphasized the importance of a routine and told the audience to develop a positive routine, to move forward and stick to it. Finally, he stressed measurement and implored those in attendance to constantly assess their progress and strive to make improvements each and every day. In fact, he left the audience with these words, “Take a selfie today and a year from now. I want you to be somewhere else in your life.”

The stop in Los Angeles was one of many on Thomas’s multi-city tour and after his presentation, he took a moment to reflect on this event, as well as his work in general. When speaking about it, he said, “Just the beauty of closure, execution is worship. So, we spent an entire three or four years dreaming about this and this is a culmination of an entire year’s worth of work. Our vision is that we know that what we do in 2015, we won’t be able to see the fruits of that until the next year. So, to know that we have completed the process, we have been faithful over a few, now we look to be ruler over many, you know, in God’s time.” To learn more about Thomas and his inspirational “Thank God It’s Monday” videos, visit

Eric Thomas, Ph.D. is a critically acclaimed author, a world-renowned speaker, educator and pastor. Better known as ET, Thomas has traveled the world with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people in several hundred countries across the planet. Through a significant social media presence and his recent domestic and international tours, ET, “The Hip Hop Preacher,” has become a global phenomenon. Thomas is often found in the company of legends like Warren Buffet, Bob Proctor and Les Brown. He holds both a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Education from Michigan State University.

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