Etherty Announces Pre-ICO for Blockchain Based Real Estate Services

Published on February 1, 2018

Etherty a blockchain based platform for the buying and selling real estate across the globe launches their Pre-ICO stage.

With cryptocurrency investments becoming increasingly more volatile the need for stable and diversified investment opportunities for crypto traders and blockchain enthusiasts, both new and old, is increasing.

Valued at over USD $217 trillion globally, real estate investments have historically proved to be one of the most stable forms of investment worldwide. As many crypto supporters know, this industry is one of the many set be disrupted with the introduction of blockchain technology.

One company that is already making waves by combing the innovative benefit of blockchain technology, utility tokens and cryptocurrency with the stability of real estate investments is Etherty.

With their pre-ICO sale starting on February 1st, 2018 the Etherty platform is coined to be a game changer. By utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts Etherty users will be able to easily and efficiently buy, sell and crowdsale real estate globally. With partnerships already formed in Australia, Dubai and the USA, Etherty will be able to provide token holders with access to $250 million in real estate opportunities in the coming months. Addressing the instability and risk that cryptocurrency investors are currently facing by providing property backed tokens that are less susceptible to unpredictable market fluctuations.

In saying that, you don’t have to be tech-savvy, wealthy or have a broad knowledge of real estate to invest. Designed to be a platform that fosters open communication and networking, new investors will be able to benefit from the wealth of information and data provided by the platform and their community of more seasoned investors. Through crowdsales that use smart contracts everyday people will be able to invest in global real estate opportunities, for as little as USD $1000. Transforming an industry that is currently dominated by the wealthy and corporations, allowing for increased equality and opportunity.

With over 92 million millennials in the U.S. alone, many who will no longer be able to afford the once cherished American dream of owning their own home, the Etherty platform will become an integral tool for those who feel pushed out of the current real estate market.

“Etherty is out to disrupt a 217 trillion dollar industry by breaking the barrier of entry for investment for as low as USD 1000. Etherty is the only blockchain based real estate focused trading platform where investors can network, co-invest and realize their cross-border investments” stated Etherty CEO Murtaza Khan

Designed to provide seamless international property trading without the need to get involved in local bureaucracy and processes, all at the press of a button. Etherty will remove the tedious barriers that are normally involved in purchasing and selling property internationally such as, finding a trustworthy realtor, sales listings, advertising and promotions, remote property viewings, values and inspections, lawyers, government verifications etc. removing barriers for every level of investor both locally and abroad.

Whether the intention is to raise capital for the development of a property, purchase an investment or a simplify everyday real estate transactions by using smart contracts and a one-stop-shop intermediary, Etherty will have you covered.

During Etherty’s pre-ICO offering tokens will be available for USD$0.20 with a 30% bonus. To learn more about Etherty’s ICO presale is starting on February 1st, visit or their telegram community

Company Name: Etherty
Contact Person: Matthew Loughran
Phone: 866-601-7235
Country: UAE