Family Safety Expert Brett Lechtenberg Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists

Published on February 22, 2015

Family Safety Expert Brett Lechtenberg, from Sandy, UT, tops 3 Best Seller lists. His book, The Anti-Bully Program, is the first in a series of bully prevention titles for parents and teachers.

Brett Lechtenberg, author of The Anti-Bully Program, has achieved “best-seller” status on three different Amazon book lists.

The Anti-Bully Program topped three different best-seller lists on The Kindle e-book ranked #1 in the departments of “Child Care,” “Morals & Responsibility,” and “Kindle Short Reads.”

Lechtenberg, the owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts, has been a karate instructor for over twenty years, specializing in helping kids and families become successful at core live skills such as respect, confidence, and discipline.

He used his decades of experience working with children and families to develop and research the content for The Anti-Bully Program.

“Bullying is a big problem. Because so much attention has been focused on the situation you now have people speaking up about the program who never did before because they see it as okay to speak up.”

Lechtenberg initially created the program to educate families in his local area about the dangers of bullying, and to raise awareness about the growing problem. However, he noticed that while as there came an increasing number of bullying stories, anti-bullying programs, anti-bullying songs, and even legislation, the problem with bullying continued to get worse.

“Raising awareness is not enough. Many times teachers and parents thing that having an assembly at school to ‘raise awareness,’ and talking about bullying will make the problem go away. This is absolutely false. Raising awareness is great but you have to follow that up with real training for kids, parents and school staff.”

The Anti-Bully Program was designed by Lechtenberg to shed light upon the myths about bullying and uses research and statistics to debunk claims by supposed experts. He also uses his expertise in working with families to provide an actionable method to keep kids safe.

Topics of discussion include the “Personal Safety Formula,” “The 4 Types of Bullying,” “Minimizing the Chance of Being Bullied,” and “The Seven Step Parenting Sequence.”

The Anti-Bully Program also briefly addresses Cyber Bullying, which has become its own issue that is addressed in The Anti-Cyber Bully Program, which is Volume 2 of Lechtenberg’s series.

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